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The Tranquility Garden Experience Trend

The lifestyle changes that people have experienced over the past year have greatly influenced how they want to live. Homeowners are rediscovering ways to commune with Nature to fully appreciate the restorative qualities of tranquility, the multisensory experience of Nature’s sights, sounds, fragrances, and textures. Tranquility Is A Physiological Experience There’s more to tranquility than sights, sounds, smells, and textures. More specifically, it is their nature that matters. For example, the soft rustling of cottonwood tree leaves has a calming effect. However, if the winds are unrelenting the droning sound could become quite unnerving and irritating. Therefore, it’s important to

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An Interview with Tony Westrude, CEO: Our Minnesota Landscaping Company’s Back Story

We recently talked with Tony Westrude, CEO at Architectural Landscape Design, and asked him to share about how the company was formed and what’s important to him and his wife Laura, the owners and founders. Question:  Tony, can we talk about how things got started for you and Laura?  There is a real big interest nationwide in people becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses, so we’re interested in your story.  Can you tell us how you and Laura got going in landscaping? One thing Laura and I have in common is our passion for what we do as well as

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