Boulder Landscaping: Retaining Walls, Waterfalls, Cascading Pools

Landscaping with boulders opens up a world of possibilities. Using only natural stone you can transform a landscape or solve many problems in a yard. When you use natural stone boulders you are designing an accent or landscape feature that will be a life long thing.

We have all seen landscapes where it appears that boulders were just taken off a truck and placed in the yard. Our landscape designers and architects will develop a specific plan with your yard in mind. They will place the boulders in such a way that it can look like Mother Nature did it herself. Or if you’re looking for a dramatic look boulder can be used to create stunning designs and applications.

What are some of the uses? Natural looking boulder retaining walls are one of the most popular retaining walls. They provide a great backdrop for brightly colored perennials, annuals and trees. You can also create planting beds or pockets in the boulder wall or you can make it a boulder bluff and keep going up a hill.

One of the most dramatic uses for boulders in a yard is to create a waterfall, a series of waterfalls, or a series of cascading pools. The placement of the boulders and the color really dictate how natural it will look and will emphasize the different colors of stone. Another common use for boulders is the railroad timber wall replacement; when timber means timber and the wall is literally falling down! When it’s rotting and white gray in color its time to replace it. Boulders work great! Plus they don’t have any of the arsenic that railroad timbers have had that can leach into the soil and be unsafe.

Our MN landscape design group would love to come to your house and plan your landscaping with you. Boulders can add to any yard, call us today to talk about how we could introduce them in your yard, 952-292-7717.