Blending A Child’s Outdoor Room with Space for Adults: Swings, Play Gyms, and Sandbox

Installing a play gym or a swing set in your backyard doesn’t mean they have to become the most dominant objects in the yard. Our MN landscape designers and architects can work with you to create a child’s outdoor room that blends into your landscape as opposed to overtaking it. We can help create outside space that blends children space and adult space.

Even small yards can handle a designated children’s outdoor space of at least 6” by 8”. Corners make a good space where fencing can make children feel there is a “no parent” allowed space. Looking to safety, plan so the children’s play space is visible from the house. But make sure that the space is not visible from the street. You can add things like a gazebo that during the night is adults only  and doubles during the day is a play house for children. Building and installing a pergola can double as a swing set when you add the the height-adjustable swings and the climbing rope. A sandbox either built from natural stone or wood can become a garden focal point when the attractive sturdy cover goes down it can be a stage or used for the base of a bar when adults entertain. Implementing a garden plan around the play gym or dollhouse can be totally charming. It also provides a place to teach the children to plant and grow things like flowers, sunflower houses, beans, etc. Planting grasses and a garden around a big play gym can soften the look and make for an interesting and exciting play area. Installing a short retaining wall built wide enough to walk on can be a great rock wall to climb for a child and fulfill privacy needs for adults.

If you’d like to focus on blending the outdoor space in your yard for children and adults contact us on 952-770-7717.