5 Things to Know Before Signing a Snow Removal Contract for Your Business

With late Fall and Winter just around the corner, you need to start thinking about a snow removal company for your commercial or residential space. Keep your business running, make it safe for your employees to get to work, and allow for your building to be approachable with a snow removal contract. If you are looking for a reliable snow removal contractor, be sure to discuss the following facets of the agreement.

1. Quality of the Snow Removal Service

More than anything, before you sign a snow removal contract get to know the quality of work completed by the snow removal service. One of the best ways is to get recommendations from other businesses and check references they provide to you upon request. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also keeps records of complaints and compliments from

2. Execution of the Service

This often relates to the quality of the snow removal service and is something you find out once it starts snowing. Execution isn’t simple to determine until you see the service in place. You would want to cover everything from removing dangerous ice and slush, keeping your grass intact, and hitting every corner of your property.

3. Communication

Choose a company that is directly about service and price offerings. If the company you want to hire is one you cannot get a precise answer from or they cannot be clear about pricing, this doesn’t bode well for your business. Reliable communication is essential in planning, implementation, and removal details. Sign with a company that leaves a good reputation about conversation, right from the start.

4. Liability Insurance Covering Your Provider

When you hire any company to work on your company’s property, verify their liability insurance. Snow removal comes with a range of potential dangers which include accident injury to people or damage to property. Before signing a long-term contract, even if it is just for the winter season, be sure the company you hire comes with liability insurance to cover incidents.

5. Estimating Your Service

Sign a contract with a provider after you show them your property. Walk through your property with a potential snow removal contractor to see if you agree on the service to be provided. They should have a plan to complete snow removal, understand the size of your project, and even the path to take on removal.

Three Contract Types

Before you sign a contract, make sure you are aware of the type of deal you are signing. There are three general types of contracts. These are:

  • Time and Material Contract: In this agreement, you only pay for the services you receive depending on the amount of snow removal completed. With this option, you could end up paying more for months with high amounts of snow and less for other months. If you experience a year of higher snowfall, it does cost more.
  • Per Inch Contract: A per inch contract, also known as a per event contract, is priced based on snowfall levels. Typically, companies base price on inches like one inch to three inches, and so forth. Be sure you know the incremental price based on the number of inches before you agree to a snow removal service contract.
  • Fixed Fee Contract: You’ve likely dealt with a fixed-fee contract in another business setting. A fixed fee contract means you pay the same amount on a monthly basis, no matter the extent of snowfall. This comes out in your favor for heavy snow but says you may pay more per snowfall on a low month.

Get Ready for The Winter Today!

You have plenty to worry about as a business owner, but a snow removal contract is essential to keeping your business going. Check the companies around you and determine the team you want to hire for the winter season. Once you find a reliable company you can trust, you’ll know exactly who to retain every single year.