Tips for Creating a Beautiful Backyard Spa

Are you in desperate need of an escape from the draining doldrums of everyday life? Perhaps its time to consider implementing a private outdoor spa on your property. Hot tubs and saunas are attractive backyard elements by themselves, but a designated spa area, complete with all the trappings of a five-star resort, can take your landscape design to the next level. Adding unique elements to the spa space creates an alluring atmosphere where you can spend time unwinding after decidedly difficult days at work, school, or after taking care of your children.

Installing Luxury Spa Features

First, you’ll need to install a few essential items to create a spa area on your property. Decide whether you prefer a hot tub, sauna, or both before you begin crafting your ideal outdoor spa oasis.

Hot tubs are popular for property owners because they offer innumerable benefits to your body. The bubbling jets gently massage muscles as you soak away any soreness and body fatigue. They’re also a fantastic hangout spot to gather with friends and family for a fun night of sipping and splashing under the stars. When you incorporate a hot tub into your spa space, your friends will never want to leave the relaxing atmosphere it creates.

Saunas are another addition that offers a social element for your spa. Sit in the steam-filled space after a long week or a particularly strenuous workout to relax your muscles and your mind. Saunas vary in size so you can enjoy the apparatus with a number of your friends and family at once.

Top Design Tips for Creating a Beautiful Spa Oasis in Your Yard

After a long, hard week at work, it’s appealing to have an escape from reality available right on your property. When you install a home spa, there are a few crucial components to help create the most relaxing, tranquil atmosphere possible so that you can soak up all the physical and mental benefits of a beautiful backyard spa.

1. Prioritize Privacy

One essential element of any backyard spa oasis is a high level of privacy. You don’t want your neighbors’ prying eyes to peek over at you and your family as you soak in your spa. There are a wide variety of residential fence options that offer privacy for your home. Fences help to keep nosy neighbors at bay and corral your kids and pets on your property. Some ideal fence styles to install around your spa area include:

  • Vinyl privacy fences
  • Wood fences
  • Stone or rock walls
  • Living fences

Vinyl privacy fences are perfect for building a border around pools and spas. The solid panels make it impossible for anyone to see through to your property. Living fences are also a popular option among homeowners installing a backyard spa. You can use precisely pruned hedges, bamboo, shrubs, and tall trees to create a wall between your spa area and other bordering properties. Once you install adequate fencing around your spa, you can sit back and relax in a steamy sauna or bubbling hot tub without being bothered by any annoying passersby.

2. Set the Mood With Outdoor Lighting

It’s easy to set the tranquil, calming mood typically associated with spas by installing outdoor lighting. Improve your backyard oasis’ ambiance using accent lighting around pathways and other decorative structures. Outdoor lighting is both beautiful and functional. Give your spa a cozy, romantic feel in the evening while also allowing your guests to actually see where they are walking. Install low-voltage outdoor lighting around pathways and other parts of your spa area to avoid trips, slips, and falls later at night.

3. Integrate Interesting Plantings

No backyard oasis is complete without an array of interesting flowers and other eye-catching plants. Even if you live in colder climates like Minnesota, there is still a massive selection of exotic-looking plants to choose from to build a beautiful botanical garden in your own backyard.

Minnesota is known for its harsh, unforgiving winters. However, the summers here are an ideal time to turn your spa area into a lush, green oasis. Several species of plants grow perenially in Minnesota, meaning they’ll come back every year with minimal effort on your part. Consider planting the following flowering species as fantastic additions to your outdoor spa:

  • Hibiscus
  • Allium
  • Sedum
  • Peonies
  • Chrysanthemums

Experienced professionals from a Minnesota landscape design company can determine ideal species to plant on your property. Eye-catching plantings can elevate the atmosphere of your personal spa, creating a landscape reminiscent of five-star resorts.

4. Shade Your Space

Sitting out in the hot summer sun is an appealing activity for many people. However, other guests at your home might prefer to avoid the sticky sweat associated with sunbathing. Pergolas are a desirable decorative element for shading your outdoor space. Utilizing custom-built pergolas in your backyard spa can create comfortable shaded spots for seating that your guests can enjoy all day long.

Place more outdoor lighting along the top of your new pergola to add an air of romance and relaxation to your spa area. Trex pergolas are made with composite vinyl and reinforced with aluminum, so they’re incredibly strong and durable. Since they’re so sturdy, you can even add hanging flower baskets and other eye-catching elements to your pergola to make it stand out from all the other backyards on the block.

5. Incorporate Zen Elements

Outdoor spas should be an area where you can reach immense relaxation levels. Incorporating elements of traditional Japanese zen gardens into your new spa will undoubtedly impact the sense of peace in your backyard positively. Some typical features of modern zen gardens include:

  • Precisely placed boulders
  • Tranquil water features
  • Meditation decks
  • Bamboo (perfect for a living fence)
  • Meandering pathways
  • Unique decorative structures

6. Lounge on Luxury Outdoor Furniture

The last addition you must make to your outdoor spa oasis is outdoor furniture. Don’t let your guests leave your house with a sore back from sitting on uncomfortable outdoor chairs and chaise lounges. Shop for luxury patio furniture that’s pleasing to the eye and the body. With such a large selection of sleek, sophisticated outdoor furniture available from retailers across the country, you’ll easily find a seating solution that fits the style of your spa perfectly.

Building a Luxury Backyard Spa

Your hot tub or sauna (or both) is installed, and you’re excited to finally start enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of your backyard spa. While you can certainly still use your hot tub or sauna as stand-alone features, adding attractive elements like pergolas, plants, and outdoor lighting take your personal spa to the next level. Contact your local architectural landscaping company to come up with creative ideas for crafting a unique outdoor spa experience on your property.