Stressed Out? Install a Spa in Your Backyard

As the weather turns warmer, Minnesotans look forward to enjoying all that their outdoor spaces have to offer, which can include a relaxing escape from busy day-to-day routines. By creating an oasis in your backyard, you can easily unwind after a long day or enjoy a relaxing staycation without having to leave your home. One way to achieve optimal relaxation in the comfort of your own space is by installing a spa.

What Is a Spa?

The term spa often describes a heated body of water built into the ground, kind of like an in-ground pool. It is often used for hydrotherapy and relaxation. In residential settings, an in-ground spa is typically found attached to an in-ground pool. When designed to blend in with your landscaping, a spa can help enhance your outdoor space. These features come in a variety of materials, including:

  • Concrete
  • Tile
  • Acrylic
  • Gunite

The type of material you select can impact your spa’s cost, along with the design and installation. An experienced landscaping company can help you determine what material and style of spa work best for your space while meeting all your desires and expectations.

Benefits of Outdoor Spas

When you install an outdoor spa, you get all the health benefits in a convenient location. Spas can help improve your health by:

  • Providing stress relief
  • Helping you sleep better
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Ease muscle tension or soreness
  • Detoxification

Things to Consider When Designing Your Spa

You want your spa to be both practical and appealing to look at. This is why taking the time to design a spa that is the perfect combination of aesthetic and function before moving forward with installation is essential. Some things to consider when designing this new outdoor feature include:

  1. What shape do you want? The most common spa shape is round as it offers a natural seating setup. However, you aren’t limited to only round or oval spas. You can have your spa be almost any shape, including rectangle, square, or even semi-circle. When considering the shape, think about how it will affect the appearance and the desired occupant capacity.
  2. Do you want elevation? If your spa is joining a new or existing pool, do you want it at the same height of the pool or elevated above it? When you build your spa at a higher elevation than your pool, you open up new design possibilities while creating a more eccentric look.
  3. What features or extra design elements do you want? When designing your new spa, think about what additional features or details you wish to include like adding a spillway or infinity edge to create a unique design. Customize your spa even further by adding water features like sprays, a bubbling fountain, or even color-changing lights.

The design possibilities are endless, but you can ensure that what you want fits your space and budget by working with a skilled designer. Selecting the right contractor to install your spa is just as important as choosing the right designer. These two groups work hand-in-hand to bring your vision to life. While the Architectural Landscape Design team isn’t responsible for the construction phase of your spa,  we have a list of trusted affiliates for  you to select from or we can act on your behalf if you are working with another general contractor.

The Work Doesn’t End When The Spa Is In

Once your spa is designed and installed, it’s time to restore your landscaping that could have been affected by construction. By adding several features with poolscaping, we can enhance your new space to a truly relaxing escape. These added features include, but are not limited to:

  • Hardscapes: Add durable, flat surfaces around your spa to maximize the space. Flat surfaces can be made into patios for lounge chairs or pathways from your backdoor to your new spa.
  • Corresponding water features: Even if you didn’t add a water feature to your new spa, that doesn’t mean you can’t add one elsewhere in your yard. When you add something like a waterfall feature, you enhance the impact the water features in your yard make.
  • Outdoor kitchen: If you want your spa to be part of the perfect staycation design, consider adding an outdoor kitchen. Whether you go with a simple bar perfect for happy hour or a full kitchen setup, the right kitchen space will make you never want to leave your backyard.
  • Fire features: After you’ve relaxed in your new spa, why not cozy up to fire? This addition to your space is not only perfect for warming up after a dip in your spa, but it also allows you to enjoy your backyard even when Minnesota summers have ended.

The Perfect Spa for You

At the end of a stressful day, how great would it be to walk into your backyard to a new spa that eases your stress? Before breaking ground on your new spa, you want to make sure your design is the perfect mix of design and function. The team at Architectural Landscape Design can help you design your dream spa to install in your backyard oasis. Contact our crew today to get started on your customized spa so you can get one step closer to having a perfect, relaxing escape of your own.