10 Outdoor Dining Space Designs for Small Backyards

Summer in the Midwest is the best time of year to go on a hike, a camping trip, or spend a weekend at the lake. It is also a great time to take an extended vacation either by yourself or with your family. However, there is nothing better than spending a warm summer night in your cozy backyard for those who don’t prefer to travel.

Create Your Backyard Paradise

Sometimes you need to take time for yourself to relax, especially when work has been stressful. No matter the size of your small backyard, you can still turn it into a private little escape that is just a step outside your home. Whether you’re looking to renovate or build from scratch, deciding what kind of backyard space you want to create is essential.

There are many different backyard designs to choose from depending on your unique style preferences, including:

  • Breezy patios
  • Classic pergolas
  • Elegant terraces
  • Idyllic porches
  • Rustic decks
  • Vintage verandas

Remember to keep your natural surroundings in mind (e.g., to optimize the perfect view) when you consider where to place your backyard retreat. This will help you pick the ideal location to spend your next “staycation.” However, there will be times where you might get the urge to throw a dinner party and invite those closest to you for some quality time in your new backyard.

Outdoor Dining Space Designs for Your Backyard Paradise

Once your backyard oasis has been built, you will need to furnish and decorate it. Integrating your style can be done in a variety of ways. Whether you’re having a large party, a small get-together, or a casual dinner with your family, you’ll always want to be ready for anything. Let’s explore ten different popular dining space design ideas to inspire and transform your own outdoor eating experience: 

1. Accessible Outdoor Kitchen

Bring your meals to you by incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your dining space. Imagine eating a delicious lunch in your backyard with your family on a beautiful midsummer afternoon, where all the food and refreshments are right next to the table. By upgrading your backyard dining space with a modern outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to walk back inside whenever you want to grab another bite. Install an outdoor kitchen to enhance your backyard dining space for the next time you plan to eat outdoors.

2. Breathtaking Stonework

Elevate your backyard landscape by utilizing custom stonework to amplify your natural northern Minnesota surroundings. Large boulders and stones are the perfect addition to any garden, pond, or waterfall. These features will also provide a stunning backdrop for your outdoor dining space. However, you can set your backyard paradise apart from all others by inserting personalized custom stone furniture handcrafted for your dining area.

3. Beautiful Wood Furniture

Spending a relaxing afternoon in your favorite lounge chair in the backyard of your dreams is nothing short of perfect. Wood furniture is great for the outdoors because it is durable, rot-resistant, waterproof, and requires very little upkeep. If stonework isn’t your style, consider decorating your backyard dining space with wood furniture because it is strong enough to last for generations. 

4. Comfortable Bench Seating

Another way to upgrade your outdoor dining experience is to incorporate bench seating in your backyard design. This is perfect for dinner with your family or parties, where everyone can gather around the table for an intimate meal. Whether you prefer wood or stone furniture, you will be able to find the best seating arrangement for your small backyard escape.

5. Choose A Theme

Picking an overall theme for your outdoor dining area is essential to creating the perfect ambiance. You can choose bold and bright colors, décor, and furniture to accentuate your environment and personal tastes. Here are a few themes to choose from:

  • Country chic
  • English bungalow
  • Modern hardscape
  • Romantic garden
  • Rustic retreat
  • Urban sanctuary

6. Lounge Around Poolside

Installing a pool will help you keep cool during hot Minnesota summers. Many different pool designs can transform your backyard into a tropical oasis. You can also enhance your overall atmosphere and swimming experience by adding other water features like fountains, waterfalls, and more. Position your dining space near your pool for better accessibility from the table to the water.

7. Lush Private Gardens

Liven up your backyard paradise by planting your very own private garden. Choose between locally grown flowers and foliage, or exotic plant species not found in the region, to create the perfect natural landscape for your outdoor dining space. However, if there isn’t enough room in your small yard to plant an entire garden, using different kinds of planters is another great way to incorporate greenery into your unique space by bringing nature to you.

8. Outdoor Spa Oasis

Transform your backyard retreat by adjoining your dining area with a luxurious outdoor spa. Aside from giving off a modern aesthetic, there are many health benefits of spas to consider. For example, it can help relieve muscle tension, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. Adding an outdoor spa is a perfect way to enhance your outdoor living space while improving your overall lifestyle.

9. Outdoor Fire Pits

Summertime only lasts for one season. When the weather starts to cool, you’ll be glad to have an outdoor fire pit nearby on colder nights. The crackling of the fire pit is the perfect ambiance for any conversation. So, gather around the fire to roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, or spend a romantic evening with your partner in your backyard.

10. Whimsical Lighting

Don’t go inside when night falls. Set the atmosphere by installing outdoor lighting around your backyard paradise. Light up your nights with creative accents that add dimension and drama to the backdrop of your outdoor dining space. Now you can sit out on your back porch and watch the beautiful Minnesota sunset while eating dinner and stay outside long after it goes down.

Getting Started on Your Backyard Paradise

No matter what your vision is, you can transform your backyard into the perfect private paradise. Many different design elements will give your outdoor dining space a personal touch. By choosing a theme, outdoor kitchenettes, and unique plants, you can create a backyard unlike any other. 

However, designing the perfect dining space can be challenging to undertake all on your own, especially if interior design and landscaping are not your areas of expertise. Contact us to schedule a consultation today. Our experienced landscaping developers will help you make your vision for your backyard paradise a reality.