Attractive Outdoor Storage That Works


Attractive Outdoor Storage That Works

Landscape storage doesn’t have to be an unattractive mess. You can protect your belongings with secure storage that is custom-designed and crafted by experienced carpenters.

Storage built into and under decks disappears when designed as part of the structure. Stand-alone architectural landscape structures are also complementary alternatives.

Outdoor furniture, sporting equipment, and toys need the right storage so that they can be used and protected throughout all of the seasons. For cleanliness and care, they should not be combined with tools, lawn mowers, and other outdoor equipment that use fuels and oils and that come into contact with the soil.

Unless you have a very spacious garage or other outdoor storage space, you’ll want to find alternative storage space. Luckily there are numerous ways to integrate storage into outdoor living areas.

Your goal should be storing frequently used items where they are out of the way but easily accessible makes outdoor living more enjoyable.

Storage Structures You’ll Love

It’s not necessary to settle for prefab sheds or a mish-mash of storage containers that clutter the look and feel of their outdoor environment. You might be surprised how attractive storage structures can be when you hire the right landscape carpentry company to build them.

Here are some examples of ways to incorporate attractive storage into your outdoor space to keep everything from your treasures to necessary belongings safe, dry, and protected.

Patios and Decks

With grilling, dining, and other family activities, patios and decks get a lot of use. Storage built into benches makes items such as cushions and pillows easily accessible when needed and protected when not in use.

Lift-up tops on tables, ottomans, and side tables also provide convenient storage on patios and decks.

A compact cabinet on a patio or deck is another attractive storage solution. With a small footprint, a well-designed cabinet can store many outdoor items without taking up too much space.

Custom-built outdoor furniture and cabinetry can be designed to complement any home’s style and architecture.

Outdoor Kitchens

When brainstorming ideas for your outdoor kitchen, storage should be integrated into the design. Built-in cabinets and drawers can store barbeque tools, propane tanks, trash cans, and other outdoor dining needs.

Like other outdoor living areas, adding furniture with built-in storage is another way to add substantial storage space in an outdoor kitchen. Ensuring that there is convenient storage for frequently used items makes outdoor cooking and dining more convenient and enjoyable.

Under Deck Storage

An unused area under a deck can be converted into a convenient outdoor storage space. If the ground under your deck is relatively level, and there is sufficient space between the deck and the ground, then converting the space to wet or dry storage is an option to consider.

If you need a place to store weatherproof items such as plastic children’s toys, garden hoses, or kayaks, wet storage will work, but other items need more protection from the elements. Dry storage for items like lawn mowers, bicycles, and sports equipment requires installing a waterproof barrier between the decking boards and space below.

There are a number of underdecking solutions that can create a weatherproof space ideal for storing items that must remain dry during the winter months.

Built-In Storage for Outdoor Structures

When adding a pergola, pavilion, gazebo, or other outdoor living areas, planning for storage is important. Customized furniture with built-in storage adds style and function to outdoor living areas. A custom-built deck box can provide extra seating and storage around pools, decks, patios, and other outdoor living spaces.

Adding a custom storage bench in your garden or yard provides stylish, comfortable seating and practical storage for frequently used tools and supplies. Keeping everything easily accessible makes gardening more convenient and pleasurable. Benches can be designed to be completely weather-resistant, keeping contents dry and protected.

Storage Sheds

Custom sheds are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. A garden shed can store garden tools, mowers, and other outdoor items securely. Outfitting a garden shed with shelving and storage racks maximizes the space and helps keep tools and garden supplies organized and easy to access.

If your family has a lot of gear for outdoor activities, a customized shed may be the best option. Bicycles, kayaks, and camping equipment can take up a lot of space. Customized racks and shelving make gear easier to store and retrieve. A shed designed with double doors is helpful for moving bulky equipment in and out.

Creative Ways To Make Outdoor Room Storage Attractive Or Invisible

When considering the addition of a shed, there are several factors to consider including the location of the shed, what the shed will be used for, exterior design, and local regulations. A carpenter skilled in landscape carpentry can build a shed that provides excellent storage while blending into the landscape and complementing the overall style of the property.

Municipal Building Codes and Property Setbacks

No matter where you live, before building any type of outdoor structure, you need to make sure you’re complying with local zoning and building codes. They may have regulations on property setbacks, as well. Some homeowner associations place restrictions on the types and sizes of outdoor storage structures you can build. A licensed contractor will ensure that all required permits are secured before beginning a project.

Get the Custom Storage Solution for Your Needs

Designing the perfect outdoor storage solution isn’t an easy task as there are many options to consider. At Architectural Landscape Design, Inc., we recognize the importance of outdoor storage and work with our clients to identify the right solutions. Our experienced carpenters can create secure storage options that are customized-designed to complement your outdoor living spaces.