Are Hot Tubs Really Safe for Kids?

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Hot tubs with their relaxing bubbles can be that really relaxing thing that you do at the end of a day because it is able to remove any stress you might have been under. This seems to be one of the best ways to go about removing stress for anyone of any age, due to the therapeutic effects it has on people.  If you’ve got a hot tub and children at your house, sooner or later your kids are going to want to get in as well.  Hot tubs can be fine for children – all you need to do is ensure that you take the proper precautions in order to enjoy the hot tub with your child as well.

Private or Not?

Is the hot tub a private or public one? The hot water environment enables loads of germs to reproduce. It is easier for you to keep track of the germs in a private one since you know who goes in and out of it at all times. Public hot tubs should probably not be some place a child should be since, they these public ones are more susceptible to develop germs.

Is it Clean?

If it is your hot tub, then you can ensure that it stays clean. It should be disinfected according to the instructions that it came with. It should be drained and scrubbed down every so often with a bleach solution to remove any residue on the sides. This goes for the pumps, drains, and filters inside the tub as well. Teach your children not to urinate inside it and to also bathe before going in.

Safety First

Hot tubs can be potentially dangerous to children under the age of three. Smaller children should never go in unsupervised since they can drown. Make sure to let them know the proper rules of being inside the hot tub.  Instruct them to only go in with an adult. Even older kids should follow these guidelines. The outlets for the water should have a mesh covering over them since they are large enough to suck in small limbs, hair, and bathing suits.

The Temperature

The temperature that is comfortable for adults is not a comfortable temperature for children since they overheat faster. You should turn the temperature down a bit when children are in it.  They shouldn’t stay in for longer than 10 or 15 minutes at a time.

A hot tub can turn your backyard into your own personal spa.  With the right design and precautions, it’s something the entire family can take advantage of.  ALD can help you design a landscape plan to add one to your outdoor living space this summer – give us a call.