An Indoor & Outdoor Connection: Bluestone Patio Color and Material Choices

A design tip for establishing the flow between your indoor rooms and outdoor patios is to select a paving material that has a color and pattern that echoes or resembles your indoor flooring. If there is a similarity it will establish your indoor and outdoor connection.

Does that sound easy? The part of what your inside flooring looks like is easy. However, the vast array of options for patio paving can make this a somewhat difficult decision.

The materials you can use for a patio include poured concrete, flagstone, brick, bluestone, gravel, marble pavers to name just a few. An example would be to build a bluestone patio. This is one of the handsomest patio materials out there. It is recommended in regions such as ours, as it can be laid over stone dust or in gravel and sand. That’s because we can experience heavy frost, which means there can be occasional heaving. This can be easily repaired if good building techniques were employed in the installation.

Once you determine you want to put in a bluestone patio or any patio you have to excavate enough materials to allow for several inches of the stone dust or sand and gravel, plus the thickness of the stone. How much to excavate also is predicated on the type of drainage you have in your area. A final piece when installing a bluestone patio is working with the irregular pieces of stone to create an overall look that is aesthetically pleasing.

We install patios with natural stone, brick, marble, bluestone, concrete, gravel etc. We’ll work with you to design a patio that meets your personal needs. We’ll determine what the excavation and drainage needs are for your particular property. Our designers and architects are experienced in creating patios that stand the test of winter and look good, call us on 952-292-7717.



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