A Pond Can Be A Solution For A Wet Shady Spot

It may be hard to envision right now with the snow on the ground, but before too long that white stuff is going to melt, and when it goes hyou may notice some wet spots in your lawn.  Have you got an area that is damp most of the time or where you notice water puddles up after a rain and doesn’t seem to ever dry up?  You can turn that around to your advantage and create a unique feature for your landscape.

Sometimes the best things come out of the most unlikely places. A wet, damp area of a garden can be the best place to put in a pond. Just looking at a space differently can give it fresh perspective. If water from drainage is flowing through your landscape or you have a wet shady area, this “trouble” spot could become your new favorite location. You could add a water feature like a pond or a waterfall.

Providing a space for rain drainage and runoff can result in saving your topsoil and your garden plantings. You can add also add a rain garden on that site with natural plantings of native plants that are used to that amount of moisture. Or you could create a pond.

If you already have the water accumulating there, you can create a natural pond.  Set aside any rocks you dig to be used as the pond banks. If you have the wet site but not enough naturally-occuring water for a pond, you can contact a professional landscaper about installing drainage or installing a dry creek bed for the water to go through when it rains. Redirecting the water to the dry creek bed or the rain garden will provide either creek sides or a rain garden to plant.

Any of these solutions result in a new garden space that is a new slate for planting. Choosing plants that are native born or plants that thrive in soggy soil would be recommended. Wildlife will increase as birds, frogs, butterflies, and other animals are drawn to the pond, waterfall, or other water feature.