2022 Better Outdoor Living Design Trends

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Homeowners have experienced global influences over the last couple of years that are changing how people expect to live. Now that they are proving to endure, most families are currently in the early stages of adapting to them.

It’s impossible to ignore how the pandemic changed daily commuting to telecommuting for so many. According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, before the pandemic, one of 67 jobs was remote. Today, one of seven is remote.

It’s predicted that many employees may never return to a daily commute.

As working at home becomes a new norm, families will adapt to these lifestyle changes by reimagining how they can use their available spaces. This is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces as people discover how to achieve greater utility, functionality, and comfort.

You’ll find that some of these trends have evolved from our 2021 predictions

#1. Functional Spaces

Spending more time at home means expanding in every way, more storage, indoor and outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces, and areas to study and work.

If you decide to build a new structure for your backyard office, it may be tempting to economize by ordering a DIY kit. Adding a new outdoor structure is a significant undertaking with hidden obstacles that sometimes even trip up the professionals. 

Building codes, permits, and other legal requirements are important factors to consider before adding a permanent structure to your property. If you are capable, patient, and committed to building your own backyard office space, consider partnering with a local company that has the experience to help you manage the project.

#2. Old Is New Again

Landscape architects and designers predict a mix of traditional design elements, like natural stone and wood, reminiscent of Mid-century modern, used in more contemporary ways.

When deciding what type of materials to use for the deck or patio, you may have to make compromises. Natural materials like wood, stone, and clay bricks are more attractive, but they require more maintenance and won’t withstand harsh weather like composite, aluminum, and other brick pavers.

Natural stone and clay bricks are standard materials used for thousands of years. Using them for patios creates an elegant look. They can increase your home’s aesthetic appeal because, over time, their naturally worn patina becomes part of their charm.

Different types of wood have been used to make beautiful decks for many years. From redwood, cedar, and tropical hardwoods, you’ll get a natural, warm look. Some tropical woods are more expensive and harder to work with than others.

#3. Colors Are Refreshing

The creative use of color to express personal taste and style is alive and well. People are staying in their homes longer, so they’re opting for a look that’s refreshing to them and that doesn’t go out of style. 

The use of color must consider light and how it changes throughout the day and seasons. Outdoor living and modern interior spaces provide opportunities for color palettes that remind us of Nature. Warm ochres, soft whites, and endless shades of green provide the perfect backdrop for a splash of hot or cool accent colors. 

If your style leans toward contemporary, a monochromatic scheme of neutral whites, greys, and black may be more appropriate. The key is not to look at the colors, but through them. How do they create interesting shadows and shapes as the light changes? 

#4. Inside Out Organic

In many ways, this trend is a throwback to the California Style of outdoor living pioneered by renowned landscape architect Thomas Church.

One of the key principles of this style is the integration and flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. In fact, Church is credited with bringing the garden tradition of outdoor rooms to the United States that worked especially well in the Mediterranean climate of California.

Imagine waking up in the morning and stepping outside to breathe in Nature’s freshness and aliveness. Now imagine going further to your gazebo where you will enjoy magical moments as the sun rises.

These structures, arbors, pergolas, and gazebos, punctuate, transition, and facilitate the dance among people and Nature. This is why they are listed as must-haves in exceptional landscapes.

At the top of the list for the inside-out trend are outdoor kitchens. It’s important to note that outdoor kitchens, dining, and living rooms complement rather than replace their indoor counterparts. Respecting this rule will make maximize the utility of all your home’s spaces.

#5. Technology Integration

One of the driving 2022 trends is the concept of super apps that integrate multiple controls into one platform.

Using the Uber mobile app you can locate a driver, track his or her location, and pay for the ride. You can expect to see more functional integration of technology that elevates and simplifies your outdoor living lifestyle.

Nowadays, architectural landscape design and functional outdoor spaces are considered essential for Minnesota homebuyers. A well-designed outdoor space considers its relationship with adjoining indoor and outdoor spaces. Technology that enhances those relationships will fill a vital role for busy families. 

Thus, when choosing technology to make your home more liveable, investigate how it can integrate the functionality of spaces, bringing them together, facilitating transitions, and always enhancing safety. 

Architectural Landscape Design: Helping Homeowners Enjoy Better Living

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