Stunning Arrangement Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Festivities

Yes, the snow has been drifting around the Twin Cities in the last few days, but we’re not quite done with fall floral displays yet.  There is still time to  enjoy fall flowers and foliage, and one great way to do that is to bring some indoors for Thanksgiving.  If you need some inspiration, check out these photos – 20 gorgeous centerpieces, ranging from simple to elaborate .  You may find some ideas on how to enhance your own holiday table.   Each arrangement is unique, and there is a wide variety of materials used.  Two even make creative use of small pumpkins, so if you’ve got any left over from fall or Halloween decor, put it to a new use on Thanksgiving!



Landscape design involves so much more than proper placement of trees, shrubs, and flower beds.  Consider your lifestyle and what you enjoy.  If bringing fall flowers indoors delights you, perhaps it’s time to consider adding fall bloomers to your landscape plan for next year!