Outdoor Bars

Outdoor Living Made Comfortable

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Are you considering adding a bar to your outdoor living space? Add an outdoor bar to your property as a part of your outdoor kitchen, or as an element that stands alone, perhaps by a pool, garden, or patio. Instead of creating a bar that is just so-so, we want to help you build one that you love to spend time in, and feel excited to share with your friends and family.

We want to help you see your yard as a functional space, which you can entertain in, relax in, and use just as you would a well-loved room in your home. To create a bar like this, we feel that it is important to consider comfort, design integration, and customized details.

At Architectural Landscape Design (ALD), we believe that the outdoors is meant to be lived in. Outdoor living entails seeing the outdoors as an extension of your interior environment. Outdoor living spaces should feel just as inviting and comfortable as interior spaces, and moving from one to the other should feel seamless. Hardscaping is the key that will create this seamless feel.

Hardscaping Options For Your Outdoor Bar

When it comes to outdoor bars, hardscaping is an essential step. An outdoor bar that has been done correctly will feel like a natural extension of the interior of the house. Hardscaping refers to changing and creating the hard surfaces, such as flooring, retaining walls, and stairs.

Depending on your home layout and the terrain around your home, the hardscaping options that we offer may allow you to put your outdoor bar in a place that has been underutilized, like a sloping yard. We can excavate these inclines to create a flat surface. We can also put in retaining walls that will build up terraces for more flat surface options. A third choice is to place a deck as the foundation for your bar.

Set-Up Varieties For Comfort

There are many varieties of outdoor bar spaces. A traditional bar set-up includes a storage area, a serving counter-top, and seating, all of which is perfect for serving drinks at your next get-together. If you want to go above and beyond, your bar could also include multiple seating zones, and a more elaborate kitchen set up, such as a range-top, grill, or pizza oven.

The components that you decide to include will depend on the ways that you hope to use your bar, as well as your budget. The unique aspects of your bar should add to its overall appeal as a space that you want to spend hours in, not just stop-by to grab a drink. We can help you create an attractive, custom bar that fits your budget.

Outdoor Bar Layout And Design Planning

We customize every design so that it matches your style and the existing elements in your home. We can even work with rocks local to your property, to give the stonework in your bar a down-to-earth, integrated feel.

Do you already have a vision in your mind of the ideal bar? Maybe you have some stones that you want to have incorporated, or modern style that you want to reflect in the bar area. Our design and installation team is ready to help you take that vision and turn it into a reality.

At ALD, we enjoy working with clients to ensure that they get the best result possible. This means working with you to design an outdoor bar that is in harmony with the rest of the house and outdoor area. Your outdoor bar will blend best with your landscape and interior design if we work together to pick out existing themes and patterns on your property, and integrate them into the bar design.

One way that you can integrate your bar with your existing landscaping and interior design is to use the right materials. By using similar or complementing elements, your bar will appear unified with the rest of your home. We offer a variety of choices, including:



Interlocking Pavers


Natural Stone Pavers







The Details: Furniture, Equipment, and Lighting

The technical aspects of your bar can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. We can install water, electricity, gas, and lighting to your area, or you could choose to create a more rustic space with only a few of those features.

For an outdoor bar with all of the comforts of an indoor facility, consider thinking about the space as if it was an indoor room without walls. The options are limitless, and just because the bar is outside doesn’t mean that you have to forgo a feature that you desire, like plush seating, heating, and ceiling fans.

However, if you are more interested in a rustic look, consider adding in details like a fire pit for heat, or landscaping elements like trees and shrubs for shade. The beauty of outdoor spaces is that you can make them into your preferred combination of natural and indoor space. We love working with people to find their unique sweet spot in this regard.

The furniture and lighting that you will display in your outdoor bar give us one more opportunity to integrate your style into the area. Repeat and complement existing textiles and surfaces from the rooms in your house so that the outdoor bar fits in harmoniously with the rest of your home.

We at ALD designs are passionate about creating custom stonework, which is a lost art in the world of landscape design. We hope to preserve this art by continuing to build stonework into the areas we design. This could be a stonework countertop around your grill or outdoor sink, or custom stonework around a fireplace or firepit in your outdoor bar seating area.

One way that we are proud to provide custom stonework is throughout custom stone furniture. These pieces can take your bar to the next level — making it feel like a cocktail lounge at a high-end resort rather than a private residence.

Allow us to help you design and install an outdoor bar that is just right for your needs, and fits your style perfectly. An outdoor bar can add to the property value of your home, not to mention giving your hours of enjoyment as you wine and dine with friends and family. With the help of ALD, you can create a welcoming and comfortable space in balance with the rest of your home. Final touches take the bar to the next level.