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Personalized Shakopee, MN Landscape Designs

Dreaming of a beautiful landscape with luxury outdoor living features and calming fire and water elements? The professional landscapers at Architectural Landscape Design can turn those dreams into reality. ALD is your local, experienced landscaping company, serving homeowners and businesses in Shakopee, Minnesota. Our high-end landscape designs are the answer to all your landscaping problems because we cover all aspects, including irrigation and drainage, selection of plants and trees, high-quality stonework and outdoor living features, and outdoor lighting. After the installation is complete, you can rely on our annual landscape maintenance plan to keep your new landscape fresh and healthy. Turn to ALD for your landscaping needs in Shakopee.

Transformative Landscaping Increase Shakopee Property Value

Our professional landscape design specialists know how to create a landscape that is attractive and good for your property. We are a detail-oriented team, making sure each element of your landscape is healthy and built to last. Our customized landscaping services put your needs first. Working with us is easy and beneficial.
Shakopee Fire Areas

A new landscape from ALD results in:

  • Added curb appeal
  • Raised property values
  • Customizable designs
  • Higher safety levels
  • Impeccable stonework
  • Abundant seating
  • Thriving lawns and gardens
  • Proper grading and drainage
  • Erosion protection
  • Privacy and noise reduction
Every landscape is unique, which is why we believe in personalizing each design to your individual property and your lifestyle. We make landscaping affordable for locations of all sizes. Check out our past work to get a better idea of how ALD can serve you in Shakopee, MN.

Our Services

Explore the various landscaping services we offer in Shakopee, Minnesota:

Decks, Porches, Pergolas

Get the outdoor seating area you’ve been dreaming of for years! We customize each deck, porch, and pergola to suit your style preference. You’ll love being surrounded by your landscape’s natural elements, such as trees and colorful garden beds. Depending on the durability of your outdoor living area, we handcraft everything so it lasts through all of Shakopee’s seasons.


Waterscaping is a popular trend in landscaping these days. Add the peaceful vibes of running water to your outdoor area using one or more of the following water features:

  • Artificial ponds and brooks
  • Fountains and spitters
  • Waterfalls
  • And more


An effective landscape contains a good balance between natural elements (softscapes) and man-made elements (hardscapes). Our high-quality hardscapes add function to your landscape, so you will have more reasons to be outdoors. Choose from many styles of hardscaping. We can create a low-maintenance landscape, complete with rocks, boulders, and hardy plants that will grow naturally in your Shakopee environment. Hardscaping also lends itself well to the clean, modern landscapes that you find on many high-end properties.

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces

Outdoor chefs will love a fully-customized outdoor kitchen, and their families will enjoy eating in a gorgeous living space, too. An outdoor kitchen is a popular landscaping element today. It can include whatever you desire most, from sinks and refrigerators to storage space and dishwashers. Food that is made and eaten outdoors tastes better, so let the professionals at ALD design an amazing outdoor kitchen and living space that will fit perfectly outside your home.

Custom Stone Work

Enjoy the luxury of natural stone in your landscape. Our professional stoneworkers can build you a custom stone patio, paver walkway, stone wall, or an accent element to add beauty, function, and durability to your landscape.

Add Fire Features and Custom Patio Furniture to Your Property

Transform your outdoor living area into a work of art with one of our fire elements. Choose from our patented Elements fire table, a built-in stone fireplace or fire pit, or a camping area. Surround your fire element with ALD’s custom patio furniture for a unique outdoor living space that will give your family years of relaxation and entertainment.

Illuminate Your Shakopee, MN Property With Outdoor Lighting

Your landscape will benefit from our wide range of outdoor lighting solutions. A well-lit outdoor area makes your home safer and adds affordable elegance.

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Holiday Lighting Services

We use outdoor LED lights to enhance your landscape during the night. This is a low-energy option which will help you save money on your monthly electricity bill. Use lights that are pointed down to add an extra level of security to your home. Backlights create an appealing soft glow, and uplights can be placed under accent elements for a dramatic effect. For wide, dark areas in your landscape, consider using moonlights for gentle illumination. No matter the size of your property or your budget, we can find a low-voltage lighting solution that will work for you.
Ring in the holidays with lights and outdoor decor from ALD. This comprehensive service is available to homeowners and businesses in Shakopee who want to look merry and festive without putting in all the hard work of decorating their property. Allow our team to bring the holiday spirit to your landscape with lights, garlands, wreaths, seasonal decor, and more. Removal of the decorations at the end of the season is included in the service.

Landscape Maintenance Equals a Top-Notch Shakopee Property

Let our experienced team take good care of your landscape throughout the year. Our valuable landscape maintenance plans include the following services:

Lawn Care

A well-cared-for lawn and landscape results in lasting health and beauty. With a yearly maintenance plan in place, you can expect our team to show up regularly to perform the following services:
  • General maintenance
  • Seasonal cleanup
  • Shrub and tree maintenance
  • Mulch bed tossing
  • Garden bed maintenance
  • Re-grouting
  • Drainage and irrigation system services

Snow Removal Services

Don’t let winter get you snowed-in! Our personalized snow removal services are great for any schedule or budget.

Excavation Services

Excavation is an important aspect of landscaping, particularly when it comes to large installations, complex hardscapes, irrigation systems, and stonework. Rely on the excavation experts at ALD. We have the proper equipment and training to safely meet your landscaping needs.

Grading and Drainage

Accurate grading services and effective drainage solutions ensure water damage and erosion are not a result of your new landscape in Shakopee. Depend on our expertise to keep your property safer and more functional.

Make the Most of Your Landscape With the ALD Team

When you want to be outdoors, the best place to go is your own backyard. We make high-quality landscaping possible in Shakopee, Minnesota. Our expert designs will improve your property, so you and your family can relax, entertain, and commune with nature. We listen carefully to your ideas because we personalize each landscape to match your home’s aesthetic and your lifestyle. Our full range of services include every landscaping need, from plant and tree installations to garden bed design to luxurious outdoor living areas. Stop dreaming and start transforming your landscape by contacting our friendly team today.