Protecting Your Investment: Landscape Maintenance for Minnesota Homes & Businesses

A great landscape adds beauty, value, and usefulness to a yard or commercial property. But greatness isn’t just about a superb design and expert installation; those steps are just the beginning. You’ve made an investment into your property, and your investment deserves the best upkeep. The only way to protect that investment is through proper landscape maintenance.

Keeping your landscape looking good takes consistent work and expertise, perhaps more than you’ve got the time or talent for. But lacking time or know-how shouldn’t prevent you from reaping the benefits of a gorgeous yard or commercial space. We take pride in our designs and, because we don’t believe in doing anything halfway, we are personally invested in seeing your landscape maintain its beauty and charm from day one.That’s why we offer a variety of year-round landscape maintenance services and service packages for both homeowners and commercial properties.

At ALD, we know that each property is unique and has its own unique needs. We customize every landscape design we do down to the last detail, so why would our maintenance services be any different? All of our landscape maintenance packages are tailored to the individual needs of each property. Additionally, our landscape maintenance programs include a personal representative who will work with you and oversee the crew that takes care of your property. You can rest assured that your landscape is being serviced by a crew that understands what makes your property so special.

Landscaping Maintenance Services

We think you’ll be impressed by the comprehensive list of options and services for property upkeep. Whether it’s the dead of winter or the hottest days of summer, you can entrust your maintenance needs to ALD. Our landscape maintenance packages and contracts can include any or all of the following services.

General maintenance and clean up
We offer general services and clean up every spring and fall in order to both clean up and prepare your property for the more extreme seasons.

Sand application and removal
Sand-based needs are separate from our general services. Sand can be a tricky and messy material, so leave it to the professionals.

Weed and feed lawn maintenance
Weed and bugs, be gone! Keep your lawn beautiful and healthy with the proper use of herbicides, fertilizer, liming, pest control, and fungicidal treatments.

Turf area soil testing
After a long, hard winter, your lawn and gardens might need a little extra love. We offer soil testing in the spring and summer to help determine fertilizer needs.

Mowing and power edging
Everyone’s least favorite warm-weather chore. Go on and head inside; we have the equipment to get the job done quickly so you can spend more time enjoying your well-manicured lawn.

Shrub and ornamental tree maintenance
Keep your shrubs and ornamental trees looking their healthiest with our pruning, feeding and pest control services.

Flower bed maintenance
Flower gardens are lovely, but take a lot of care. We can help with weeding and feeding to keep your garden at its most beautiful. We also offer pre-emergent herbicide treatments to prevent weed seedlings from ever germinating.

Mulch bed topdressing
Once a year, we top off the mulch in your gardens and flower beds. Topdressing keeps your soil healthy and can prevent new weeds from emerging.

Cleaning and sealing hardscapes
Your patios, walkways and driveways need regular care as well. We can help you maintain your hardscapes by keeping the grim and weeds away.

Re-grouting stone work we’ve installed
We pride ourselves on our custom stone work, and we are committed to making sure our pieces stand the test of time. We re-grout all of our work as needed.

Maintenance of our outdoor fire pits and fireplaces
When it comes to fire, safety is always first. If you’re having problems with your fire pits or fireplace, or just want to make sure it’s kept in working order, we can handle it.

Maintenance of waterfalls, fountains, ponds, and other water features
Water features are great attention getters, but they also demand attention to maintenance. ALD can help you keep the clean water flowing and the structures glowing.

Adjusting and maintaining landscape lighting
We provide service for all of our custom low voltage landscape lighting schemes. We’ll keep your ground wires, fixtures and bulbs in working order.

Maintaining for drainage and irrigation systems
Drainage and irrigation systems are one of the most important aspects of any landscape, and maintenance is absolutely key to maintaining the look and functionality of your property. We adjust, repair and provide general maintenance, as well as perform a seasonal blow-out to keep all the pipes clear.

Seasonal maintenance of outdoor kitchens
We’ll get your outdoor kitchen ready just in time for warm weather, so you can spending your time getting ready for your next dinner party or cook-out.

Seasonal change-out of container planting arrangements
As the seasons change, you’ll need new containers for your growing potted plants. ALD can take care of all the re-potting to ensure your plants are handled properly.

Holiday lighting and décor
We’ll make your holidays a little brighter and your new year a little easier with installation, removal and storage services for lights and decorations.

Snow removal
Any Minnesotan knows that snow removal is a chore. Whether you can’t or just don’t want to do it yourself, ALD offers complete plowing, hand-shoveling and de-icing services.

Prefer to Do It Yourself?

Maybe you’re the kind of property owner that enjoys getting out and getting your hands dirty while working in your yard. We get that, because so do we! If you’d prefer to handle your landscaping maintenance on your own, we’ll make sure you’re properly trained and have comprehensive instruction in the care needed for everything we’ve installed. If you ever have a question, need advice, or something comes up that you can’t handle on your own, we’re just a phone call away.

If you have questions or you’ve decided after the fact that you need help maintaining your landscape, we’re always ready to work out a tailored-made service plan for your property. Give us a call at 952-242-9368 or schedule a consultation to discuss your maintenance needs today.