Landscape Company Plymouth

Premium Landscape Designs in Plymouth, MN

Take your outdoor areas to a higher level with the help of Architectural Landscape Design. Our experienced team can design and install your dream landscape, including personalized features such as an outdoor kitchen, pond and waterfall feature, or a living space with a built-in fire pit. We are a full-service company, taking care of every aspect of the project, from proper grading and drainage to tree and shrub installation to year-long maintenance. From start to finish, we make landscaping hassle-free in Plymouth, Minnesota.

High-Quality Landscaping Adds Value to Your Plymouth Property

Our professional landscaping specialists have the skills and experience to transform your property, so it truly reflects your vision. We listen carefully to your ideas, and we offer our expertise to help you gain all the benefits of a well-planned landscape.

Plymouth Outdoor Space
To achieve high-end results on your property, we carefully choose the plants and trees that will grow best, and we pay careful attention to the details for impeccable, long-lasting results. Our personalized landscaping services provide the following benefits and more:
  • Added curb appeal
  • Raised property values
  • Customizable designs
  • Higher safety levels
  • Impeccable stonework
  • Abundant seating
  • Thriving lawns and gardens
  • Proper grading and drainage
  • Erosion protection
  • Privacy and noise reduction

All our services are customized to suit your individual needs. We keep our prices affordable, so properties large, medium, and small in the Plymouth area can enjoy a fresh, new outdoor look. We are proud to serve so many area homeowners. Check out our past projects to find inspiration for your landscape.

Our Services

Discover more valuable landscaping services that we offer in Plymouth, Minnesota:

Decks, Porches, Pergolas

Spend more time outdoors on a custom deck or porch, and stay in the shade under one of our beautiful pergolas. We’ll build you the right size for your needs, and then surround your outdoor seating area with colorful blooms, privacy hedges, or other unique landscaping features.


Enjoy the peaceful sound and movement of water. Many homeowners are turning to waterscaping for home relaxation and outdoor serenity. Your waterscape could include one or more of these water features:

  • Artificial ponds and brooks
  • Fountains and spitters
  • Waterfalls
  • And more


If you don’t have the right type of soil for growing a garden, or you don’t have the time to maintain a large number of plants, turn to hardscaping. We artfully arrange rocks, boulders, and native plants to provide you a gorgeous, low-maintenance landscape. Hardscapes make your landscape functional while adding that professional, modern look that you admire in high-end landscaping.

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces

Spend less time in the kitchen and more time in the great outdoors with a custom-made outdoor kitchen and living area. We can design whatever you like, including the elements you want most, such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and counter space. You and your family will enjoy the extra living space as your life flows seamlessly from inside your home to your outdoor living area.

Custom Stone Work

Our breathtaking stone patios, paver walkways, and practical stone retaining walls lend elegance and beauty to any landscape. Get the textures and colors you desire with custom stonework services from ALD. We love working with natural stone to create realistic effects that serve as accents, customized features, and functional solutions in your design.

Transform Your Space with Fire Features and Patio Furniture

Gather family and friends around our patented Elements fire table. A relaxed chat around a glowing fire is the perfect way to end the day. We also build custom stone fireplaces, built-in stone fire pits, and authentic pizza ovens. Take advantage of our custom patio furniture, too. We can design and build unique stone seating and tables for a one-of-a-kind living area that will last through all types of weather.

Safe and Affordable Plymouth, MN Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting makes your landscape safer and more attractive throughout the seasons. We offer a selection of services for our clients in Plymouth, including:

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Holiday Lighting Services

Illuminate your outdoor areas while also saving money on your monthly energy costs. Our outdoor LED lights are dependable and affordable, allowing you to keep your landscape well-lit all year long. Create a glowing look with backlighting, or highlight your favorite trees and rock gardens with uplighting. Soft downlighting adds an extra level of security to your home, discouraging prowlers. We can even eliminate large areas of darkness in your yard using the gentle effects of moon lighting. Low-voltage lighting is available in different styles and materials, giving you many options to fit your property’s needs and your budget.
Celebrate the holiday season with custom lighting and decorating services in Plymouth. We do the installation and the take-down for you, so all you have to do is enjoy the festive lights, garlands, wreaths, and lawn ornaments that transform your home or business into a winter wonderland.

Tip-Top Landscaping With Our Annual Landscape Maintenance Plan

Landscapes grow and mature over time, so it’s a good idea to have a yearly landscape maintenance plan in place. The professionals at ALD have the skills and equipment to keep your outdoor spaces fresh and safe. Our Plymouth landscape maintenance services include:

Lawn Care

With proper upkeep, your lawn and landscape will grow green and healthy, and the various elements of your landscape design will stay in pristine condition. Our yearly lawn and landscape maintenance plans include these services:
  • General maintenance
  • Seasonal lawn cleanup
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Mulching and mulch bed tossing
  • Garden bed design and maintenance
  • Re-grouting of stone pavers
  • Drainage and irrigation system solutions

Snow Removal Services

Plymouth, Minnesota is sure to get covered by snow at some point during the winter. Our snow removal services are individualized to suit your needs. We can adjust the plan to fit your budget and schedule, even on years when we get more snow than usual.

Excavation Services

Our team has the right equipment and training to handle your excavation needs. Our excavation services come in handy when we are installing large or complex landscaping elements, including patios, water features, stonework, pumps, irrigation systems, and more.

Grading and Drainage

With precise grading and effective drainage solutions, your lawn will serve your Plymouth property well. We can help make your property less prone to water damage and erosion. Good grading and drainage is key to a functional landscape.

Create the Outdoor Area of Your Dreams With Landscaping

Your landscape in Plymouth, Minnesota is your haven away from the outside world. Make the most of your property with high-quality landscaping services. Our stunning designs are personalized to suit your needs and lifestyle, ensuring you get exactly the features you and your family can benefit from most. Whether you’re interested in a complete landscape makeover or a small refresh, we can design something new for you to enjoy for years to come. Take the next step by contacting our friendly representatives at ALD today. It’s time to improve your property in Plymouth, Minnesota with a creative, expert landscape design.