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Customized Landscaping Services for Your Chaska, MN Property

Your Chaska, Minnesota home is surrounded by scenic views and a great community. Yet, if you’re not making the most of your outdoor space, you may not be enjoying everything the Twin Cities have to offer. Your lawns, gardens, green space, and even your driveway are important parts of your property. Customized landscape design and installation can transform your outdoor space into one of your favorite parts of your home. Architectural Landscape Design is a premier landscape design and installation company serving Chaska, and the surrounding Minnesota cities. Whether you’re dreaming of a custom deck, an outdoor kitchen and dining space, custom boulder and stonework, or a complete landscape transformation, our landscape experts can help. The ALD team can take care of everything from excavation and grading to the finishing touches of adding furniture and a tranquil water feature to your outdoor living space. No matter what your Chaska, MN property needs, we’ve got you covered. Share some details about your project to get started with your landscape transformation right away.

An Investment With a Variety of Benefits

The idea of making changes to your landscape can be intimidating and exciting all at the same time. The natural beauty of Minnesota is captivating and adding features that accent your home and make your family more comfortable makes it more appealing than ever. At ALD, we understand that you’re making a big transition. That’s why we prioritize communication and attention to detail. It’s our goal to hear your ideas for your landscape and achieve your vision. If you think landscape design and installation is an extravagant expense you can’t afford, consider the benefits of professional landscaping services for your Chaska, MN property.
Stunning Landscape Outdoor Designs in Chaaska
  • Added curb appeal
  • Raised property values
  • Customizable designs
  • Higher safety levels
  • Impeccable stonework
  • Abundant seating
  • Thriving lawns and gardens
  • Proper grading and drainage
  • Erosion protection
  • Privacy and noise reduction
No two properties are alike, so you can expect to receive services tailored to your landscape. The ALD team always strives to design and implement services that tackle the unique issues that keep your property from reaching its full potential and custom features that reflect your individual lifestyle and personality. Not sure what superior landscaping services can do for your Chaska, MN landscape? Visit our landscaping photo gallery to view our past work and get inspired for your next project.

Our Services

At ALD, we can’t contain our creativity and passion for the Minnesota outdoors into one or two services. That’s why we’re a “do it all” landscaping company with a complete line of premier services to delight our customers and serve their every need. Every aspect of your landscape’s function and appearance are connected, and we provide comprehensive, customized landscape services to meet your every need. Here are some of our customer’s favorite services.

Decks, Porches, Pergolas

A custom deck or porch designed with long-lasting composite wood material will provide your family with an outdoor space that your family can enjoy for generations. Whether you want a classic style or something unique and contemporary, our team works with you to include unique design elements and functional features that delight.


Waterscaping is an innovative trend that provides tranquility to outdoor living spaces. Some of the most popular water features and elements include:
  • Artificial ponds and brooks
  • Fountains and spitters
  • Waterfalls
  • And more


For landscapes with poor soil that fails to sustain regular plant species, hardscapes can offer a stunning outdoor space. We use rocks, boulders, and beautiful hardy plants to implement the perfect hardscape design for your unique property.

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces

Extend your home’s living space with outdoor kitchens and living spaces that make spending time outdoors more relaxing. Incorporate stoves, fridges, coolers, and more into your fantastic new outdoor kitchen or living area design.

Custom Stonework


Custom stonework services in Chaska can transform your landscape into an immersive, functional outdoor space. We install everything from stunning stone patios to meandering paver pathways.

Add Finishing Touches With Fire Features and Custom Patio Furniture

Your complete outdoor living space is as unique as you are, and you may not want the limited patio furniture choices your local department store has to offer. The ALD team can help you with your patio furniture and fire feature needs too. Consider our custom stone patio furniture for your landscaping. We’re also incredibly proud to offer our patented Elements fire table for an added warm glow to your gorgeous backyard.

Increase Safety With Affordable Outdoor Lighting

Our selection of long-lasting outdoor lighting solutions adds beauty to your landscape at night and makes your home safer year-round. Check out some of our most popular outdoor lighting options.

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Holiday Lighting Services

Low-voltage lighting is an excellent choice for greater illumination and higher energy efficiency. Outdoor LED lights are affordable and long-lasting, helping cut down your electric bill each month while maintaining a well-lit landscape.
Spread holiday cheer and light up your neighborhood this winter with our holiday lighting services in Chaska. Take the stress out of holiday decorating and still enjoy the benefits. We really enjoy getting in the holiday spirit and spreading joy around the communities in the Twin Cities. Our team will work with you to design an outdoor holiday display that fits your vision, budget, and property.

Keep Your Landscape Immaculate With Custom Maintenance

Your beautiful, functional outdoor space is an important investment worth maintaining. Yet, most homeowners have little time for landscape maintenance. Our yearly maintenance plans allow you to relax while we ensure your latest landscape design always looks its best. We provide the following landscape maintenance services.

Lawn Care

Our annual landscape maintenance services keep your lawn and landscape design elements in excellent condition through every season. Our Chaska landscape maintenance services include:
  • General maintenance
  • Seasonal cleanup
  • Shrub and tree maintenance
  • Mulch bed tossing
  • Garden bed maintenance
  • Re-grouting
  • Drainage and irrigation system services

Snow Removal Services

Snow is a part of life in the winter in Minnesota. Luckily, it doesn’t mean that commercial landowners in Chaska have to be plagued with winter worry. By arranging plowing and shoveling services with ALD, you won’t have to deal with the snow ever again. Let our team of professionals take over your commercial snow removal needs for one less winter worry, and get back to enjoying all the cozier perks of the colder months.

Excavation Services

Take advantage of our expert excavation services to install landscaping elements like water features, custom stonework, patios, pumps, irrigation systems, and more.

Grading and Drainage

Drainage isn’t the most glamourous part of creating a new landscape, but these tasks provide a proper foundation for everything that follows. Without proper drainage solutions, rain can do more damage to your property than good.

Transform Your Outdoor Space With Premium Landscaping Services From ALD

Investing in your landscape is a part of investing in your family’s lifestyle. Whether you’re dreaming of gorgeous gardens, an outdoor dining and entertaining area, or a complete landscape transformation, it’s time to get the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of. Get in touch with ALD to make your Chaska landscape dreams come true.