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Customized Landscape Designs in Eagan From the Experts at ALD

Architectural Landscape Design is a landscaping company in Eagan, Minnesota, offering a comprehensive range of attractive landscape design options and annual maintenance services. Step up your curb appeal levels exponentially with the endless landscape design services you’ll find at ALD. Schedule a consultation today to start with a landscape design that perfectly suits your property’s slope, size, and space constraints.

Every Eagan Home Needs an Attractive Landscape Design

High-quality landscape designs and a well-kept yard will have a considerable impact on your property value. Architectural Landscape Design is a landscape company in Eagan, offering an array of beautiful landscape design services and yearly maintenance to make your lawn look amazing all year long.

Our Eagan landscaping company supplies beautiful landscape design services so that you can create the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Our outstanding Twin Cities landscape company can bring several advantages to your Eagan home through intentional architectural landscaping, including:

  • Additional curb appeal
  • Higher property values
  • Customized design options
  • Safety features
  • Solid stonework for paths and walkways
  • Extra seating in outdoor living areas
  • Healthier lawns and garden plantings
  • Proper irrigation or drainage
  • Erosion control
  • And more

Go online to get inspired by our past projects. We strive to implement landscape designs that serve you in both style and functionality. Find your perfect, personalized Eagan landscape design at ALD. Contact us online or by phone to begin the landscaping process at your Eagan home.

Our Eagan Landscaping Services

Partner with Architectural Landscape Design to achieve the landscape design of your dreams. We work on properties of all sizes to boost your curb appeal with the best landscape design services in Eagan.

Decks, Porches, Pergolas

Select ALD for custom deck building services in Eagan, Minnesota. We offer the best porch and pergola designs from trusted brand names, built to last through the harshest Minnesota winters. Work with experienced deck designers in Eagan; contact ALD today to discuss your custom deck design, including an array of exciting additions, such as:

  • Fixed or raised flower beds
  • Outdoor living space elements
  • Fire pits or patented fire table products
  • Custom stone patio furniture
  • Sturdy deck railings or banisters
  • High-quality outdoor lighting, appliances, TVs, speakers, and so much more


Waterscapes will enhance the natural beauty of your backyard, combining lively water elements with existing plants and other landscaping components. ALD offers a range of waterscaping services in Eagan, installing unique water features including:

  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Artificial creeks and brooks
  • Fountains
  • Spitters
  • And more


If your landscape doesn’t have the proper soil, slope, or space to support lush, green plant growth, there are still plenty of other popular hardscaping options. ALD offers hardscape installation in Eagan, Minnesota, incorporating beautiful stones, boulders, and other hardscaping elements to create a durable design made specifically for your home’s environment. 

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces

Open up any landscaping or outdoor living magazine, and you’ll see that modern outdoor kitchens and living areas are all the rage. ALD can create a design to meet your needs, including essential outdoor kitchen equipment like stoves, refrigerators, bar tops, and even dining tables. Relax and unwind with family and friends in your new outdoor living space in Eagan, MN.

Custom Stone Work

Custom stone and boulder work from our experienced Eagan landscape company can transform a dull backyard into something much more dramatic. Utilize varying shapes, cuts, sizes, and colors of custom stones and pavers to personalize the perfect landscape design.

Elevate Outdoor Living Spaces With Fire Features and Custom Patio Furniture

Are you tired of searching endlessly through big-box stores for unique patio furniture that seemingly doesn’t exist? When you can’t find exactly what you want in terms of outdoor furniture, don’t fret; at ALD, we offer custom outdoor patio furniture options and the patented Elements fire table to set your patio apart from everyone else in the neighborhood. Contact us today to learn more about custom outdoor furniture options in Eagan, MN.

Outdoor Lighting Options in Eagan, MN

Outdoor lighting is essential not only for aesthetics but for safety as well. Explore ALD’s offering of attractive outdoor lighting solutions in Eagan, Minnesota, to make your property safer for friends and family to enjoy:

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Get the perfect illumination levels and long-lasting lifespans with low-voltage LED lighting systems. ALD offers outdoor LED lighting in Eagan, giving you the ability to light up patios, pathways, or particularly eye-catching landscaping elements.

Eagan Holiday Lighting Services

Brighten up your block with the best holiday lighting services in Eagan. ALD can make any idea come to life on homes of every size with our high-quality holiday lighting installations.

Make Your Lawn Look Beautiful With Annual Landscaping Maintenance From ALD

After investing in an initial landscape design, annual maintenance is required to keep your lawn looking its best. ALD provides lawn care services in Eagan, MN, including:

Lawn Care

  • General maintenance
  • Seasonal lawn cleanup
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Mulching and mulch bed tossing
  • Garden bed design and maintenance
  • Re-grouting of stone pavers
  • Drainage and irrigation system solutions


Eagan Snow Removal Services

The Twin Cities can get pretty snowy in the winter months. Make Architectural Landscape Design your partner in Eagan snow removal services. We can customize your snow removal and plowing services with several additional options so your experience is personalized to meet varying needs each season.

Excavation Services in Eagan

Are you thinking about installing a pond or other water feature into your lawn? Or, maybe, you need drain pipes and pumps to fuel that fun new fountain. ALD provides professional excavation services in Eagan, Minnesota, making the installation of pipes, irrigation systems, and underground utilities a total breeze.

Grading and Drainage

Every property needs adequate grading and drainage to avoid erosion or water damage. Homeowners must level off a sloping lawn with drainage services in Eagan, Minnesota. Contact ALD today to learn more about how our grading and drainage solutions can help lay the base for beautiful landscaping.

Lovely and Long-Lasting Landscape Designs in Eagan, Minnesota

Architectural Landscape Design is always on your side, providing outstanding customer service and high-quality landscaping services, so your home looks beautiful through every season. Our Eagan landscape company works closely with every client to create the landscape design of your dreams. Transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor retreat for friends and family with custom furniture, stonework, fire features, and more. Talk to a landscaping specialist at ALD today to get started.