With A Little Help, That Boring Yard Can Be the Envy of the Neighborhood

Do you spend all your home decorating energy on the interior of your home?   Is your yard boring?

It is often true that the yard space is often ignored when it comes to updating or renovating a home. Too often homes are surrounded by boring, unbroken, and unattractive seas of green. However, with a little creative architectural landscaping, that dreary yard can be turned into an open-air entertainment destination.

Landscaping is simply understanding how your lawn and other areas around your home complement your house, and then designing the spaces utilizing color, fragrance and visual appeal.

Everything from a traditional flower garden to modern designs with gravel pathways and in-ground landscape lighting will help add instant curb appeal to your front lawn. If you do not have the time to spend in the yard but still are looking for a great look with low maintenance, consider adding water features and fence rows or bushes and hedges.

And landscaping is not only about showcasing the home’s style with sophisticated gardens and clean, well-trimmed lawns. While the front and side lawns are designed to complement the home’s modern appeal, the back lawn is often the gathering place for family fun or outdoor parties. However, one does not have to sacrifice beauty to enhance the functionality of this area.  Here are some ideas.

Add These Landscaping Elements to Enhance Your Yard

  • A pergola to your deck or patio will add an air of quiet intimacy to your yard
  • Nature lovers can bird-watch from a comfortable spot when birds come to visit additions like feeders and birdbaths
  • A a gazebo is a great way allow one to get out of the house to enjoy the beauty of nature with a little seclusion and protection from sun and rain
  • If the serenity of nature is what is desired, consider adding a reflection pool or a small pond surround by a rock garden
  • When space is an issue, one can easily incorporate a small fountain and lily pond in the corner of a patio in a raised bed
  • If you have an active life-style and enjoy entertaining friends and family, consider incorporating a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace


Creative implementation of architectural landscaping can be a source of endless inspiration once you understand how your lawns complement and enhance your home’s beauty.Isn’t it about time to unlock your creativity and reveal the potential that is hidden in your yard spaces?

Yes, fall is here, but it is never the wrong time to consider how the beauty and functionality of your yard space can be enhanced.  We are currently scheduling installation projects for next spring.  Now is the time to get the planning process going.