Winterization for Your Outdoor Kitchen

The temps are dropping, and most homeowners around the Minneapolis area are working on getting their yards ready for winter.  When the snow starts coming down, what do you do with that nice outdoor kitchen area that you’ve enjoyed using all summer?  This is a good question – it’s imp0rtant to take certain steps now before it gets really cold.   Take advantage of the nice weather to winterize it and get it prepared for the harsh weather and protect those appliances and structures.

Winterizing Outdoor Fridges, Ice Makers, Freezers, Chillers and Other Beverage Centers

  • Make sure they are fully emptied and cleaned out.
  • Switch off the power to each of the units and make sure that they are also unplugged.
  • Remove any debris from the front grill of the unit.
  • It’s fine to leave it uncovered throughout the winter. Any moisture that seeps in is not going to damage the unit.
  • Make sure that any water going to the unit is turned off inside the home. Blow compressed air into the line to full empty it out. This will prevent water from sitting in the line and freezing.


Winterizing Any Outdoor Kitchen Plumbing

  • Make sure the water valves are completely shut off.
  • Blow compressed air through the lines that are going to the home and outside. You want to make sure to remove any water that might sit in there.
  • Cap off the supply lines.
  • Thoroughly clean the sink and other fixtures.
  • Cover the items securely to ensure that they are not allowing moisture or debris inside the drains.


Winterizing Outdoor Grills

  • Clean the inside and the outside of the grill thoroughly.
  • Make sure to remove any drawers, grates, or burners from it and clean those with a brass brush.
  • Rub vegetable oil on the grates and put them back inside the grill, along with any of the other parts.
  • Heat the grill to 500ºF with the hood closed to completely clean and sanitize the inside.
  • Make sure to keep the hood of the grill closed throughout the winter months.
  • If you’ve got a gas grill, turn off the gas supply going to the grill if you won’t be using it in the winter.

Make sure that all counters and cabinets are thoroughly cleaned out in the inside and the outside. You then may want to tape the cabinets closed to ensure that moisture is not going to end up inside. You can then protect your counters per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The average date of the first killing frost in the Twin Cities is around October 1st, so now is the time to start winterizing any termpature-sensitive equipment that may be outdoors. If you’re unsure of how to go about this process, or are thinking of designing an outdoor space for the upcoming spring, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design. We are premier the MN outdoor kitchen design installation contractors in the area. Check out our Pinterest page for outdoor living area ideas.  Now offering free initial in-home consultations – call us to schedule at 952.292.7717.