Why Landscapes Love Fire and Water

The mountain lake scene in the film Forrest Gump, set in Glacier National Park, is a breathtaking moment that Forrest vividly recalls for Jennie.

Why Landscapes Love Fire and Water

The majestic reflection of the towering mountain against the blazing orange sunrise is just one of many magical qualities that water can bring to a landscape.

Just like drops of rain or dew on leaves and petals, water amplifies and accentuates what we appreciate about nature. In addition to its calming effect, water can introduce sounds and rhythms that energize and delight the senses.

Of course, the right landscape lighting extends the enjoyment of water into the evening hours when its effects can be particularly dramatic.

Expert Maintenance Done For You

This all sounds exciting, but what about the care and upkeep?

Not to worry because our master technician, Matthew McCarthy, has 23 years of unparalleled experience with every water feature imaginable:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Reflection and Design Features and Elements
  • Pools and Spas

Maintenance here in Minnesota is mostly about winterization. However, for care throughout the season, there are now advanced sterilizers and deoxidizers that remove tannins (color) and organic matter.

In other words, sit back and relax because …

It can all be done for you, and without any harmful chemicals.

Why Landscapes Love Fire and Water

Where There is Fire There Should Be Water

That’s not really a saying we have around here, but maybe we should.

When they are combined, fire and water create a dynamic that takes landscapes to new levels. This is because —

… fire and water are at the root of our very existence.

Every living creature needs water. And when the sun goes down (especially here in Minnesota) you often need a source of heat.

I imagine at some level that is why we are so attracted to fire and water.

Why Landscapes Love Fire and Water

Nowadays we can enjoy these primal elements in unique ways in our modern homes and outdoor environments.

Water Can Solve Landscape Problems

Water in a landscape can serve many purposes, solving a number of challenges.

The movement of water flowing through a narrow space can make it look and feel less constricted. That movement can be further emphasized with repeating patterns of floral and foliage color and texture.

Although, in some cases, it’s not movement, but emphasis, that you want.

Sometimes it’s necessary to point the way to the primary entrance of a home. An element water feature like a basalt stone column with water cascading down its sides is perfect for this.

When illuminated at night it adds interest and surprise to the experience of the landscape, while also keeping that pathway bright and safe for guests.