When to Build A Terraced Retaining Walls And Why To Hire Someone to Do It

Building terraces and retaining walls require special skills and the ability to move some materials that may weigh up to 100 pounds! If you install some terraced retaining walls in your yard you’ll get two immediate benefits: flat-planting beds in locations that may have been unusable and a solution to soil erosion problems. Terraced retaining walls should be considered anywhere with a longer or larger slope where a wall higher than 3 feet tall is going to be required. This site would be the place to consider installing a retaining wall.

The main difference between a retaining wall and a terrace created through building retaining walls is that they require more material to build. They do require special expertise, and equipment to build.

Why? First of all because it typically requires the removal of large amounts of soil and moving heavy materials like multiple loads of concrete and materials that can weigh up to 100 pounds! Our landscape designers at Architectural Landscape Design can help you assess your site to determine what is the best solution for your landscape. We have the expertise and equipment necessary. We’ll also coordinate with the utility companies to determine there are no underground pipes or cables running through the site.

Some of the structural features for retaining walls include a sub base, back fill and drain pipes, and runoff water pathways. Retaining walls taller than 3 feet require special building techniques. While a retaining wall can solve erosion, it can also be damaged by drainage problems if it isn’t built correctly.

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