When the Minneapolis Temps Heat Up, Go with These Warm Weather Must-Haves For Your Yard

Now that spring is finally here and summer isn’t far behind it, there are many things you can do to get your yard ready. By get ready, we mean planning that outdoor spot that you’re going to enjoy for many days to come. With the warmer weather, so many more people enjoy being out of their homes, soaking up the sun and enjoying the freshMinnesota air. Here are some of the warm weather must-haves that you can use within your yard.

  • Garden fountains are beautiful and relaxing. They invite wildlife into your yard that provide interesting views.  Outdoor water fountains can be specially made to your idea, or you can order pre-made ones.  Mini-waterfalls that are self-contained are also attractive.
  • Solar lighting can make your yard inviting without having to spend much. Not only is there a soft glow coming from the lights, but they come in so many different styles so you can have the ideal look and feel for the outside of your home. They are easy to install, as well. This means you can put them wherever you want and even move them – no electrician required.
  • 04apr06d4a156Wind chimes, spinners and dancers give off appealing looks when the wind blows. They also make enchanting music when you want to listen to something a bit different from the wind whipping against the windows. They catch the light just right and provide an appeal you wouldn’t be able to get without them.
  • Fire pits scream spring and summer. They provide that place for family and friends to gather, where you can have your own little campfire in the backyard and a way to enjoy the outdoors without the chill in the night air. These pits can be made specifically for your backyard, or they can be moveable ones that are smaller. Since the fire within them is contained, fire pits often allow you to have an outdoor fire in areas where there might be an open burning ban (check with your local authorities first before turning them on, though.)
  • Hammocks are comfortable and exotic. With the right ones, you can tie them to posts, or choose two trees that are the right amount of width apart from one another. They have many different styles to choose from, so you can match the look and feel of your yard.  You can add a tropical resort feel without much expense.
  • Garden planters allow you to put natural color throughout a yard. With the right flowers in them, they can also be beautifully scented. This is a great hobby when the weather warms up, as well. You can plant your favorites in a pot and keep them on the deck for one and all to see.  Container plantings are perfect for fans of low-maintenance gardening.
  • Benches and comfortable seating are a must if you enjoy being out on your deck when the weather warms up. You want somewhere you can relax and enjoy the nice weather. With many different types of seating choices, you choose which stand out the most to you and which are the most comfortable to have.

Check out some of the summer outdoor ideas we have here at ALD for you to use to spruce up your yard on our Pinterest page. With a little something for everyone, you should never be at a loss for ideas. We are currently offering free initial design consultations, so why not call us today to talk about the perfect outdoor space for your family for when the warmer weather hits!