Weighing the Benefits of Long-Lasting Aluminum Decks

Whether you are making the decision to build a new deck or replacing an old one, a solution you may not have considered is long-lasting aluminum.  If you are planning to spend time and money on a deck, below are some benefits of using aluminum as the material for that project.

Bugs and Wildlife

Unlike wood, aluminum is not susceptible to parasite infestation, or other animals that may be chewing or digging at it.  This fact will save you from having your exterminator on speed dial and having to spend large sums of money to stop it, or pay monthly extermination fees.

Re-Stain – A Word of the Past

Aluminum does not need re-staining of any kind.  It will not fade and will never look unsightly as a result from the sun or other elements. You can spend the time sitting on your deck, enjoying it, instead of the hours it would take to maintain it.  If you choose to hire a professional to do the staining instead, it can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your deck. Occasionally you may wish to get dirt or grime off of your aluminum deck.  You can use a hose and scrub brush to clean it. The deck can even be power washed, without the worry of removing paint or stain.

Mother Nature – Friend and Foe

Wind and rain damage can cause your wooden deck to warp, making it uneven to walk on.  It can also cause your furniture to sit unevenly, creating that annoying “rocking” when you use it.  Warping may give you worries regarding the safety of your family and guests as well. Uneven surfaces can cause people to trip or fall.  Water will not soak into aluminum, making it more slip resistant according to Consumer Reports’ latest Decking Buying Guide, called “All Decked Out.”

No Rusting

Aluminum does not rust, so your deck will always have that “new” look and feel.  This elegant solution will give you the peace of mind you need when getting ready for that perfect party or picnic.  You can focus on decorating and food preparation, instead of rust.

Cheaper Installation Cost

This type of deck is a quicker, easier installation, so you will save on the initial cost of labor when purchasing this kind of material.  You will be surprised at how quickly installation takes place, and you will be enjoying it in no time at all.

Aluminum Beauty

When people think of aluminum as a solution, they may have visions of walking down those old, slippery, ugly, silver dock ramps.  People would drag fishing equipment and supplies toward the water or a boat, making a loud racket.  The new, modern aluminum decks are a huge contrast. There are many choices of models and designs offered, for every budget.  ALD can help you create the perfect solution and can even include lighting for ambiance and safety.  You can transform your outdoor living space into the oasis you have always wanted.

The Under Deck

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use aluminum is that you can also utilize the under area, thereby increasing your outdoor living space.  There are no slits in aluminum, so water, mud or spills do not leak through. You may consider an “Under Deck Solution” so that you have the space on the deck, as well as the space underneath it.  There are days you may wish to get out of the sun altogether or to be closer to activities on the ground.  You could entertain different age groups at the same time, by having some on the deck above and some below.  This space could also be used for storage and can save you the time of lugging items from the basement or garage into the yard every weekend.

Long-Lasting aluminum decks may be just what you need to enhance your home.