Water Pools and Fountains In Styles That Work For Everyone

Water pools and fountains come in many different styles. Designing the one that will work for you is very much defined by personal style, along with matching it to your landscape. Whether you plan to install a water pond, or a fountain, our garden designers and architects can help you pick the right option for you.

Formal water pool-A formal water pool is often designated by the use of pavers or hardscapes that lead up to the pool. There is typically a flat-stone border that encircles the water line of the pond, and there is a sitting area around it. They can be geometric or classical shapes but typically are round. Other shapes include square, rectangular or polygon shapes. It can be set above the ground or halfway between. Adding a water spray is an option, but it must be centered to maintain the formality. Different spray patterns are available that include: bubblers, bell or tulip shaped sprays, or spitter sprays.

Informal water pool or garden ponds-An informal water pool will usually be much more natural in form, with relaxed curves with a focus on blending into the landscape. Rocks and informal retaining walls can be used with garden plantings to maintain the informal feel. Sprays are also an option, but no rules of placement are required.

Classic Tiered Fountains-These classic multi-tiered fountains add an air of formality and classic design and are a great addition to a formal garden.

Wall fountains-Most wall fountains are just “spitters” that require a pool or basin below them since they are part of or are hung on a wall. They add a formal and classy look to any garden. A wall-of-water fountain is another option where one sheet of water flows down the front of the fountain.

Formal ponds and fountains are a great addition to any garden and as an add on to decks and patios can give a dead space some life. Call us today to explore how a fountain or pond for you, 952-292-7717.