Water Fountains Offer Butterfly Glimpses and Bird-Watching

apr9a1There is something very peaceful about bird- and butterfly-watching.  If you enjoy observing these small wonders, consider adding a water feature to your landscape to attract them.

Water fountains can add a sense of comfort to a backyard because of their beauty and the soothing sound of the running water, in addition to the wildlife they attract. They draw butterflies and birds as they offer them the moisture they need.  In turn this offers homeowners the pleasant pastime of butterfly- and bird-watching.

Butterflies come to the water fountain’s edge in the morning to take a drink and spread their wings to bask in the sun providing the opportunity to study them up close. Birds come to a water fountain to drink or bathe by them selves and are joined by other birds. Their antics while bathing sometimes makes them look like children splashing each other, which can be fun to watch also.  Other wildlife may stop by including squirrels and chipmunks providing some additional wildlife viewing opportunities as the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks compete for first place on the water.   All types of wildlife need water so a water fountain also provides a service to them

Water fountains and waterfalls are a great way to accent a garden and give a space a dynamic feel and tranquil sound. Fountains can be freestanding floor fountains installed in a variety of settings including, but not limited to courtyards, patios, entryways, and walkways. They can also be installed as tabletop fountains. Another popular feature is to install them on a wall as a focal point seen from a distance or situated next to an outdoor dining area. The larger the design the more it becomes a focal point. Multilayered fountains with cascading water to different levels or multi-tiered fountains are another design. The scale of outdoor fountain that works in a yard typically depends on how much space is available. The distance the water falls should be about the same or less than the distance between the edge of the fountain and where the water comes down. Whether you have a lot of space or a little space a water fountain provides a way to bring nature closer to home.

ALD offers unique Minnesota landscape designs based on your lifestyle and your vision.  Among other elements, we can incoporate water features such as fountains.