Water and Drainage Solutions for Your Landscape and Property

Living in a state, with the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” many Minnesotans know that living near water can be fun, but also a hassle when it comes to your yard. You don’t even need to live near a body of water to experience drainage issues, particularly during a rainy summer.

Excess standing water can result in a number of issues from a soggy lawn which makes for a breeding ground for mosquitos to threats to the foundation of your home. Here are some water and drainage solutions for your landscape and property:

The Dangers of Drainage Issues

If you have a drainage issue on your property, it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. While standing rainwater after a summer storm may seem relatively harmless, it can be damaging to your property.

Standing rainwater is rarely just rainwater, but rather full of chemicals and waste that contribute to the destruction of a healthy lawn. It can also ruin gardens or landscaping and molds and bacteria can form, putting the life of an otherwise healthy tree or lawn at risk.

Additionally, when standing water threatens the health of a tree in your backyard, you and your home could be in danger as a sick tree could fall on your home and result in personal injuries.

Standing water can also compromise a home’s foundation and cause other issues such as leaking into basements. As soon as standing water becomes an issue, a plan to create proper drainage is crucial to ensure optimal safety and health of your property.

Try a Few Simple Fixes

A majority of drainage issues are complex, but sometimes you can fix the issue by simply extending your downspout or moving the sump pump discharge hose. You could even try installing a rain barrel, in an area where a downspout dumps a large amount of water, to help reduce the stress of excess water in a problematic area in your yard. If you continue to have drainage issues, call a professional.

While there are some landscaping projects that may be worth doing yourself, drainage solutions are rarely a DIY project. Consulting with a professional landscaping company, who have experience with drainage issues, is your best for ensuring that your drainage problems are fixed quickly and aren’t likely to return.

Drainage Solutions

There are a number of drainage solutions that can be implemented on your property and important factors consider include cost and aesthetics. Here are some ideas to discuss with a landscaping company:

Adding a Drainpipe: If you have a drainpipe installed on your property, it will help keep standing water away from your foundation and other problematic areas. It’s not an aesthetic feature, as it’s installed underground, but it’s a popular and solid solution.

French Drain: Much like an underground drainpipe, a French drain system is a popular solution to drainage issues. It drains standing water away and disperses it to other areas through a perforated pipe. It also acts as a storage location for water until it is able to absorb into areas that are not overly saturated.

Creek Bed: A creek bed, much like a small waterfall, is an attractive drainage solution. A creek bed is designed to guide standing water away from a low spot in your yard just like a downspout or other features that are less attractive. Creek beds, even when dry, are an attractive landscaping feature to any yard.

Rain Garden: Rain gardens are another aesthetic solution to a drainage issue in your yard. While some rain gardens incorporate ponds, others absorb water, and excess water continues to drain away from the problematic areas. Rain gardens are often used in sustainable landscaping and are often include low-maintenance native plants that help reduce the amount of pollutants that end up in area waterways.

There are a variety of solutions to drainage problems, and some will work better than others, depending on your soil (i.e. clay or sand) and sloping (i.e. hilly or flat) in your yard. Although some drainage solutions may seem costly, consider it a worthy investment as untreated drainage issues can cost more money in the long run.

Standing water on your property can be an overwhelming issue, putting your yard and home at risk of damage, but if you consult with a professional landscaping contractor, he or she will help you find the most suitable solution for your drainage needs.