Using Tree Bark for Your MN Landscaping Needs

07jul23b2a14If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly type of material to put in your landscape, tree bark mulching could be what you’re looking for. Tree bark has a number of different benefits, including the fact that it is an economical landscaping material.

Mulch has many purposes – some decorative, some practical, and tree bark works well in most of them.  It can not only protect your plants from both cold and hot weather but also during the stormy season when the rain wants to wash away your garden. The bark will diffuse the falling water, allowing it to seep into the soil without washing it away.

You can use bark in many different ways to make your landscape stand out much more than it does, such as hiding areas that are bare and have nothing there (such as under trees), or you can make attractive islands throughout your yard.  You can even spread tree bark to connect various areas, making your landscape design flow together.

Tree bark comes in both unfinished natural and colors.  While most colors are in the earth tones, there are also vividly-colored yellows, bright greens, and blues if you’d like something that would really stand out.   Colored bark is usually recommended if you’d like a unique landscape that truly stands out. Be sure to choose those with natural dye, which is environmentally safe. You can combine different colors of bark to make a decorative pattern, or just do a solid color. If you would like a more natural scene, you can choose to keep the bark the same color. Whatever choice you make, the results can be charming.

With tree bark as mulching you’re able to get an aesthetically pleasing look, while also providing practical functions. You can have a more natural look to your landscape, since you’re using a natural element.  Use bark to cover areas where people are going to walk. This provides a beautiful entrance, while also ensuring safety. Tree bark is so gentle to use that it is often used on playgrounds to cover where the children run and play – generally it will not scratch or splinter in skin, so it’s a great material to use for a rustic walkway.

When you use a thick enough layer, you can keep weeds and moisture at bay. While some homeowners choose to put down landscaping cloth or plastic underneath the mulch to further discourage weeds, a sufficient layer of tree bark by itself should keep the weeds down. That means less upkeep for you!

Use the bark in your garden, flower beds and around fruit trees to help them grow. This can enhance the productivity of the tree or the flowers that it is put around. Since the bark holds the moisture, you won’t need to water as frequently. And bark can even increase the quality of the flowers and trees that are growing on your property, since over time it will decompose and provide the benefits of compost.

The bottom line?  Tree bark has a lot of uses that you can take advantage of around your yard. Stuck on what to do? No problem. Here at Architectural Landscape Design, we are able to provide you with only the best MN landscape designs. We aim to provide Minneapolis St. Paul MN area homeowners with the landscape of their dreams, giving you outdoor areas to enjoy in your own back yard.  Check out some of our design services, and then head over to our Pinterest board to learn more about the outdoor living features that are offered.