Turn Ugly Spots Your MN Landscape Into Beautiful Areas

Most property owners have areas in their yard that are less than attractive, and some of them are downright ugly.   The spot is where your eyes are brought each and every time you walk out there. Something has to be done about it. If your eyes spy it, there is no telling who else might have their eyes there as well.  So other than just ignoring those unattractive areas, why not do something about them?  Here are a few ideas.

Use Rocks to Camoflage

Using rocks to hide those problem areas can be beautiful and creative. Choose different colored, sized and unique ones to place strategically in the area. Adding moss or flowers over them can provide a unique area in the lawn that is more beautiful than ugly.

Wet Areas

Adding wet gardens or small ponds into the yard can clean up any area that might have been not so pleasing to the eyes. With the right tools, a smaller pond or bog can be dug, filled and then beautified with just a little time and for an affordable amount. The planning for it might take a bit.

Living Space

Create a small living space of your own in the yard using the spot you want to cover. Add a small deck with a bench, or even just a walk way and then decorate around it. You choose the beauty that you add to the area, and then go from there. Plan it out and design a space you can bring a book, listen to birds or just sit and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget that if you have utility spaces holding you back from having a beautiful lawn that those can be hidden, as well.

When the time comes to cover up those unwanted ugly areas throughout your landscape, give us a call here at Architectural Landscape Design. We can walk you through the process of designing and make sure that you get a good idea of how your yard can look with a little help from our Minneapolis landscape design experts.