Trends in 2015 for Landscape Lighting

As you’re putting up your outdoor lights for the holiday season, take a moment to consider how your home looks after dark the rest of the year. 

Does your home look as beautiful when the sun goes down in other seasons, or its does its beauty fade with the light?  The right outdoor lighting can change that.

Are the creative type of person? If you are, there is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to landscape lighting in either your backyard or your front yard.  The trends of outdoor lighting today allow the home owner to incorporate their very own decorative touch, with modern aesthetics, as well as being mindful of the environment.

Many times a homeowner’s exterior lights serve a twofold purpose.  Outdoor lighting not only beautifies your home by providing a lovely ambiance to your yard, but it also is a very crucial aspect when it comes to the safety of your home as well as family.  Placing standing lamps outside on your deck or patio will add sophistication as well as elegance to your favorite spot, while on the other hand adding installing motion activated lighting can protect your property as well as your family by providing a clearer look at your property while warding off unwanted visitors.   Certain versions of this type of lighting may also be remotely controlled for that extra sense of security.

While considering installing landscape lighting on your property, keep in mind how your choice of lighting may have an effect on the environment.  For example, there are certain types of lighting that can be better on the environment as well as your budget.  Consider LED lighting. LED uses less power which means that it will save you money and it also trend to last longer than a traditional incandescent light.  Low-voltage landscape lighting such as we install is also an energy-saver.  Solar lighting has also become very popular as it is also considered to be environmentally friendly as well as being cost effective.  Solar lighting requires no power as well as very little maintenance.

Hardscape lighting has also become a very popular choice among homeowners today.  Although it is a more costly landscape lighting choice, this type of lighting is mostly used in order to illuminate a pool or patio area which gives the selected area a serene and beautiful ambiance.

If you are considering installing outdoor lighting or are just interested in learning more on the subject. contact us at Architectural Landscape Design.  We are pleased to provide you with any answers you may have, provide any lighting design ideas as well as complete the installation when you are ready to go forward.  We are a licensed MN outdoor lighting contractor.