Tips to Turn Your Backyard into the Ideal Staycation Destination

When the summer months start to approach, people everywhere begin booking travel agents, searching getaway destinations, and budgeting vacation days. But what if there was a way to enjoy your vacations right at home? Though not often considered “vacations,” staycations – or vacations enjoyed at home – come with several benefits. You can turn your very own backyard into the perfect vacation destination with just a few changes.


Views and sightseeing play such a huge role in the process of choosing your vacation spot. A tropical island lends its beauty through gorgeous beaches and sunsets over the water. A resort might give you the view of a magnificent waterfall or lake right outside your window. With the proper landscaping, you can create paradise just a few feet from your back door.

Unique gardens, big or small, are great ways to liven up your outdoor living space. Colorful, blooming flowers and ornamental plants give life to your backyard. Trees, shrubs, and fresh, new grass can transform what was once an average space into a private vacation spot! Watch your yard transform as your plants grow, bloom, and thrive.

Patios and Outdoor Living

When the weather changes and it is finally nice enough to spend time outside, you should have an outdoor area that allows you to enjoy your vacation time at home. Today’s technology and innovative designs enable anyone to create outdoor living spaces equipped with custom stone furniture, stone or brick patios, and even full kitchen areas.

Create your living space to suit your needs and your style. With a fabulously designed outdoor area of your own, coupled with the unique view of your landscaping, who needs to plan a getaway? Enjoy it alone in the peaceful quiet or invite your friends and family to join you during your time off. Beautiful counter tops and state of the art grilling features make the best combination for high-class summer barbeques.

Pools and Spas

Summertime means time to cool off and take a dip. Swimming in local pools, going to waterparks, and going to the beach are all favorite summer vacation activities. Imagine how much more enjoyable a staycation would be with a pool right in your backyard.

Without the hassle of planning, packing, and traveling, a backyard pool gives you an added perk to your staycation. If you feel like jumping in the water, that’s all you have to worry about! There are no crowds, no noise, no fees, and no planning. Come and go as you please, and don’t worry about anyone splashing you while you lay out under the sun.

Lighting and Firepits

When the long summer days come to an end and the sun goes down at a fancy resort, the lights come up; the party doesn’t end! Why should your staycation end when it gets dark? Additions like a variety of backyard lighting and cozy firepits give you the perfect way to wrap up your relaxing day in your personal oasis.

Backlighting and uplighting are excellent ways to brighten your yard while highlighting your favorite garden areas or patio spots. Whether you are enjoying a late dinner by yourself or entertaining guests, adding lighting to your staycation backyard lets you decide when it’s time to go in.

In the same way, fireplaces and firepits create an air of comfort and ambiance for your home resort. Several designs make it easy to cater towards your taste. The warmth of these fixtures also allows you to extend your season past just the summer. Save your vacation time for the end of the summer and use a fireplace to supplement the cooler weather.

Customizing your backyard gives you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation at home without the stress, planning, and expenses of a getaway vacation. Bringing your own customized paradise home with you is the first step to a successful staycation.