Tips for Maintaining Your MN Swimming Pool This Year

03mar25e5a14Winter in Minneapolis is behind us, and the pool season is approaching.  Bfore you know it, it will be time for outdoor water fun! If you’ve got an above-ground or in-ground pool in your yard, here are some great tips for keeping your pool in great shape for the hotter months throughout Minneapolis. By keeping your pool maintained, you’re ultimately dodging a bullet when it comes to some of the bigger problems that might arise from not maintaining your pool very well.

If the pool was properly cared for and winterized, it should be easy to reopen come the summer season. Make sure to clean around the pool prior to opening up the top of the pool. You should use a garden hose to get the pool to the normal water level that it should be at. Make sure everything is hooked back up that was unhooked for the winter. Open the skimmer line valve to allow the water to circulate. Test the pH level of the water, put shock in the pool and leave the pump running 24 hours a day. It could take a week or two for the pool to be ready.

If you have a heater in your pool then you know that this is the part of the pool that requires the least maintenance out of it all. Sometimes they need to be cleaned out every couple of years and you might need to call a professional to clean this part of the pool out – better safe than sorry!

Always make sure to maintain the water level in the pool since a lot of the water was probably lost over the winter months. Use a skimmer to clean the pool and check the level of water. If there is not enough water going into the pool – add more using a garden hose. If the water goes below the skimmer then the pump in the pool can be damaged so make sure it is not at dangerous levels.

Clean out your filter to ensure that it is working properly. Depending on the type of filter that you have – sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth – it has a different cleaning method that probably came in the instructions with the filter. Make sure that the dirt and debris are thoroughly cleaned out.

Maintain the pH level of the water to keep it clean and healthy. This is how much acidic content is in the pool and a healthy level is between 7.2 and 7.8. This is safe for swimming to be done in the pool. You can use different types of testing kits to find out the level in your pool. You can use these tests to determine how much chemicals to use in the pool.

There are many contaminants that can be found in a pool that build up over time and is what causes the chlorine smell to happen. By using shock in the pool, you’re able to rid the pool of this smell. This puts the chlorine levels back to normal and also cleans out the bacteria and other growth throughout. Make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions while shocking your pool.

Make sure to repair any and all leaks! You want to find where they are and then have them fixed! You shouldn’t let a rip, tear or leak go for a while since it can become a much bigger problem. If you’re unsure of how to fix the problem or it is too big of a problem to fix – make sure to hire a professional that can fix it for you.

Keep it clean with regular vacuuming and maintenance throughout the swimming season. Make sure to skim the top and vacuum the bottom. Make it look nice for the summer – you will appreciate it that much more.

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