Tips for Houseplant Care During the Winter

Although your garden goes into full hibernation over the winter months, you still have indoor plants to liven your space up all year. Even though your indoor plants aren’t exposed to the elements in the same way that your summer plants are, they still react to the change in light levels.  This means that you need to care for them a little differently when the days get shorter than in the warmer days.

Musical Windows:   If you keep your plants in one window over the summer, it may be a good idea to move them to a spot with a little more light in the winter.

Keep the Glass Clean:   Speaking of windows, cleaning them inside  and out before the snow flies is a great way to add light to the room for the plants to absorb.

Water and Feed Less:   Since they’re more dormant in the winter, your plants don’t need as much water. If the soil’s dry to the touch, it’s time to give them a good drink, but be careful not to over water.The fertilizer situation is the same, too. Instead of adding plant food as often as you do in the summer, cut back to once a week or so.

Dust Them Off:   Winter is an ideal time to give their leaves a gentle bath with a piece of cloth dipped in water. When you remove that thin layer of dust, you allow more sunlight to be absorbed by them.

Humidity:   The plants suffer as much as we do when it comes to dry air. When you mist the plants frequently, this is no longer a problem. If you have tropical species, they will do better on a tray filled with rocks and water.

The extra care you give your indoor plants will pay off by ensuring better health for the entire household and more enjoyment of your indoor “garden” while you’re waiting for your landscape plants to start blooming.