Tiny Side Yards Offer Opportunities for Minnesota Landscaping

Side yards are often a problem to work with, because they are isolated from the front and the back yards. They are typically away from the outdoor living spaces. Many people view these areas as problem areas. Many are, because once you add a sidewalk, they are often tiny.

However, they can offer a lot of landscaping opportunities. You can create a different theme or emphasisin this area if you want to distinguish it from your other outdoor areas. You could put in one type of speciality plant, or you can plant a mass grouping of plants that you love. A long, narrow space can be very desirable as a vegetable garden, since they have periods where they simply don’t look very well maintained.  A cutting garden works well in a side yard because it can be cultivated in a long, narrow row. Plants often do well in this narrow arrangement beause they have good air flow. You can also create a beautifully crafted stone walk way that is edged by mulch and plantings and provides the benefit of  a “no-mow” area.

With a small side yard, you do want to choose plants that will match the scale. This rules out most trees.  You could consider some smaller ornamental trees, but you want to consider the air flow. The growing conditions are the other concerns. A shady, cool, north facing side yard may be a perfect place for ferns. The south-facing side could really make it a an ideal place for sun and heat-loving plants.

You can also add a trellis or combination of them. There are many options.  For instance, you can plant the trellis with ivy so it blocks the view into your side yards and possibly windows on that side. If local ordinances allow it, you could add a flower box on the top and have bushy plants growing up and vines trailing down for interest.

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