This Summer, Make Sure to Care for Your MN Landscaping

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As real estate professionals and many others know, a home’s curb appeal is a big part of its value.  When it comes to how your home looks on the outside, regular landscape maintenance can ensure that it is looking its best. It it not only says a lot about you but also the value of the home, even if it’s not for sale. Here are some of the different ideas that you can incorporate into the care of your landscape to make it stand out more.

Landscape Maintenance Ideas

If it’s time to clean up the yard, you might look around and not know where to start. Just take it one step at a time and accomplish one task before moving on to another. If you have brown grass, then it’s a good idea to take a hose and water it. You want lush, green grass; if it is bare and brown and beyond repair, then consider getting new grass and starting over. You can choose seeds or even patches of grass to cover up some of the spots that are just not growing.  The same holds true for any flower beds you have – regular watering is important to keep them thriving.

Make sure to mow your grass when needed and edge the yard in a timely manner. When you cut the grass, you may notice that the weeds are out of control. It’s a good idea to take care of weeds right after you mow, so that they don’t take over your newly-manicured lawn.  If you don’t already have it, consider installing edging to keep the weeds out of the yard it looks its best with clean lines all around.

In addition to watering and weeding, part of landscaping maintenance is keeping the decorative aspects fresh.  Just as you may redecorate from time to time inside your home, you can do the same outdoors.  Periodically add items of interest throughout your yard. This could be anything from garden statutes, a bench, an arbor or trellis for vines, trees, bushes or even a fountain.

If you don’t already have at least one flower bed, consider putting one in.  Not only does it look nice, but it provides you with a hobby, a stress reducer and work out. Gardening is great for anyone, of any age.  A professional landscape designer or nursery can help you determine which plants would work well in your yard and fit with the level of care you’re willing to put in.

Having a nice-looking yard doesn’t just happen; it takes work.  If you find it hard to get out there and clean it all up, then speak with someone that can. Here at Architectural Landscape Design, we can take the burden off of you when it comes to sprucing up and maintaining your yard. We can make it look like new, while also adding any additional features you’d like to have.  We can also suggest a variety of landscape solutions to cut down on your yard maintenance.  Check out our low-maintenance landscaping ideas on our Pinterest board for some inspiration, so your yard doesn’t get the best of you again.  Then give us a call today to discuss what might work for your property.  We are a licensed MN landscaping contractor, serving the greater Minneapolis area and outlying communities around the Twin Cities.  952.292.7717.