Take Your Landscaping To the Next Level With These Design Ideas

Even though it’s too cold to be doing much in the way of landscaping, we love this time of year because it’s when we get to sit down with homeowners and plan changes for next spring. 

Often what people want to discuss is incorporating new landscaping trends or ideas that are very popular.  These are some of the newest or hottest landscape designs of the year. With this ideas you can choose what will best suit your landscape dreams.

  • Black Hardscaping Palettes create contrast, as the black tones are a perfect backdrop, causing green plants to pop out from contrast. Using black for contrast also works with gravel, weathered furniture and silver wood.
  • Indoor / Outdoor Flow is when you incorporate your interior living space with your outdoor living areas. It’s a natural movement from the indoors to your yard, creating a sense of greater space. This works well with large doors or French doors that lead to your deck or patio.
  • 11nov23a1a15Wall fountains are gorgeous additions to any yard that take up minimal space. At the bottom of the fountain is a trough that can collect the water and then recirculate it.  It’s a great way to add an outdoor water feature in a small spot.
  • Columnar Trees can give your yard a modernistic look. Instead of growing out and spreading, these trees grow up with a very narrow trunk. They can be easily trained with a little pruning to grow flat against walls or as hedges.
  • Garden Bells are becoming more popular, as opposed to wind chimes. They create a sense of peace, because it’s said that an angel gets wings every time one of these bells rings.
  • Fire features such as a fire pit can transform your backyard into a place for friends and family to gather together. Fire pits bring warmth and light to any outdoor space. You can cook on them, get warm, or just gather with friends.
  • Portable Garden Beds can be an alternative if you are renting or moving a lot. They can also be used if one prefers to rearrange often for a change. If you add wheels to the bottom you can even bring them inside during the harsh winter months.
  • House Numbers as Art can make your house unique, as it sets a tone. These original works of art also increase curb appeal.
  • Outdoor Showers are becoming very popular.  They’re very practical if you’ve got a swimming pool in your yard, and if you’ve got a dog you’ll love how much easier it is to clean up outdoors.
  • Horizontal Slat Fences create an optical illusion in your yard, casting the effect of a wider and bigger property.
  • Designer Doormats give a great first impression, while also increasing curb appeal.
  • French Drains can be used as a great element in a design. They’re practical because they provide drainage, but they can also be designed to provide an attractive look.  Instead of being hidden, they can look gorgeous against a carpet of border plants.
  • Artificial Turf is great for conserving resources and time. There is no need for fertilizing, watering, or mowing, and you’ve still got the appeal of a green lawn.


These are just a few of the newest and most popular ideas for landscaping.  Why not call us today to schedule an in-home design consultation?  We’ll take your dreams and ideas and offer suggestions to make your outdoor space shine and match the home that you have. Speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design to put your ideas in motion!

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