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3 Reason You Should Consider A Pergola In Your Outdoor Space

Homeowners who have discovered the merits of relaxing and entertaining in their backyards are often considering the next enhancement they can add to their outdoor space.  backyard enthusiasts crave continued improvements, as each adds beauty, visual appeal, and an opportunity for enjoyment. Landscape enhancements help create a mood or personality for your home and they extend your family’s warmth and hospitality. If you are considering the next addition to your landscape, consider installing a pergola. Here’s why: Pergolas (further) Extend Your Living Space If you have already installed a deck or patio, you likely added it to extend your living

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Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Designs

A stone based outdoor kitchen is something that a lot of us may have thought about in the past. Why not turn your dreams into a reality with some of these stylish ideas? The sky is the limit to what you can do with these ideas. Pizza Oven Imagine being able to easily cook your custom gourmet oven fired pizza’s right from your property? If you like to entertain then, a pizza oven can offer a lot of fun filled nights and good times. An outdoor oven can be designed that perfectly matches your style. A brick oven style is

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Ponds Can Soften Hard Edges of Decks, Add A Bridge Over the Pond for Drama

Adding a small pond at the edge of a deck can soften the hard edges of the deck and help the deck blend to the garden beyond it. Another option is to make the pond longer and narrower to provide an opportunity to add a bridge over the pond for drama. One of the major elements in garden design is water. You can add real drama and ambiance to a landscape by adding a water feature such as a pond. If you go the extra step to make it big enough you can add an arcing footbridge to offer a

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Water Pools and Fountains In Styles That Work For Everyone

Water pools and fountains come in many different styles. Designing the one that will work for you is very much defined by personal style, along with matching it to your landscape. Whether you plan to install a water pond, or a fountain, our garden designers and architects can help you pick the right option for you. Formal water pool-A formal water pool is often designated by the use of pavers or hardscapes that lead up to the pool. There is typically a flat-stone border that encircles the water line of the pond, and there is a sitting area around it.

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Isolate Your Garden From the Dark With Lighting

Your yard and garden can be isolated from the dark world outside by introducing lighting to your landscape. Lighting will allow you to enjoy the scene out your window from indoors in any season and in any kind of weather. What is more beautiful than being able to watch big snowflakes float down from the sky, or to be able to watch big drops of spring rain on a stormy night? Lighting in your landscape apart from the practical function of providing security can be used artfully to create your gardens own aura. It’s like lighting a room in your

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