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How a Professional Landscape Design Company Can Help With Your Project

Ever consider re-doing your entire landscape as a summer project? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people consider taking it upon themselves to do their landscape design. In many cases, it can be an enjoyable endeavor. However, there’s a reason why professional landscape designers are out there. There are quite a few things involved in landscape design: horticulture, soil biology, engineering, and more. Professional landscape designers offer expertise in all areas to help you bring together a yard that not only looks incredible but is functional and fits in your budget. With an expert landscape designer, you’ll be

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Landscape Design Features to Increase Your Safety at Home

Many people think of their yard and garden simply as a beautiful and well-designed complement to their home’s architecture. Others may see it as a hobby, something to keep them busy. What you may not realize is that while your yard may be pleasing to the eye, it has the potential to decrease your safety while at home. One of the most commonly overlooked factors in landscape design is home security. When thinking of security, most people would think of monitored alarm systems, fences, or even a barking dog. Even with all of these things, in a poorly designed yard

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Garden Illusions: Up, Down and Around

A wide variety of design elements can be employed when designing the landscape for your Minnesota garden area. Let the creative design professionals at Architectural Landscape Design help you create beautiful illusions in your yard.

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Ponds Can Soften Hard Edges of Decks, Add A Bridge Over the Pond for Drama

Adding a small pond at the edge of a deck can soften the hard edges of the deck and help the deck blend to the garden beyond it. Another option is to make the pond longer and narrower to provide an opportunity to add a bridge over the pond for drama. One of the major elements in garden design is water. You can add real drama and ambiance to a landscape by adding a water feature such as a pond. If you go the extra step to make it big enough you can add an arcing footbridge to offer a

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