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5 Ways to Incorporate a Fireplace Into Your Landscape Design

An outdoor fireplace is an exciting addition to your patio because it makes that space a lot more inviting. Having a source of warmth means you can spend more on your patio, and the fireplace will naturally become a point of focus, and guests will want to gather around it. Here are some fireplace landscape design ideas to consider if you want to upgrade your patio. Stones and Rocks Stones are a popular material for built-in fireplaces and freestanding designs. Beige or gray stones help create a rustic look and require little maintenance. If you want to have a stone

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This Is How A Successful Landscape Design Process Works

  Processes are designed, practiced, and perfected to predictably produce desired results. When a patient visits the doctor a questionnaire is completed to collect important historical data such as allergies, surgeries, and family history. The form also asks for insurance information and who is ultimately responsible for settling the account. Then a nurse checks a few metrics to such as pulse, height and weight, and blood pressure that inform the general health of vital organs. This standard procedure exists to make an accurate diagnosis. Only then can the doctor have a conversation about the possible options, next steps, and expectations

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Outdoor Living Spaces: Mapping The Cost of Priceless Lifestyle Experiences

If you are asking about the cost of an outdoor living space or room you will first want to do some discovery.  You can arrive at a meaningful cost by first asking the right questions.  How will outdoor living enhance your lifestyle for the better?  What problems will the right outdoor room solve?  How can a Minnesota homeowner make the most of outdoor living spaces? The honest answer is that outdoor rooms and living spaces are capable of giving you far more than you may have imagined. The possibilities are limitless. This realization is what makes planning and budgeting for

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Outdoor Living Lifestyle Wellness Benefits

The research is pretty clear that our happiness is tied to our relationship with Nature. An outdoor living lifestyle can lead to the loss of anxiety, a boost to the immune system, and profound states of general wellness.  Human beings are meant to be connected with Nature and science backs this up. Maybe you are familiar with the practice of forest bathing, a trend that has been practiced in Japan for decades to help people feel better and live longer.  There are additional wellness benefits if you exercise in Nature, but simply practicing an outdoor lifestyle is enough. The idea

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How To Make Outdoor Kitchens Safe For Family and Friends

Here’s something you might not realize about home cooking: it’s surprisingly dangerous. Each year in the U.S., about 5,000 people are injured and 480 are killed due to home cooking-related fires. That’s why safety is a top priority when you’re designing an outdoor kitchen. With proper design, these kitchens are even safer than indoor kitchens due to the use of natural stone, stainless steel hardware, and other commercial-grade details. We’d like to share these top tips for making your outdoor kitchen safe with the help of an outdoor landscape designer. Hot Stoves and Grills When it comes to the safety

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Creative Ways To Make Outdoor Room Storage Attractive Or Invisible

Look at photos of outdoor rooms in magazines or on Pinterest or Houzz and you’ll see they all have something in common: no clutter. That’s because clutter ruins the look and feel of a room, not to mention impacting its safety. Unfortunately, most homes are jam-packed with clutter. The average U.S. home contains 300,000 individual items, which is why home organization has become an $8 billion industry over the past two decades. Just like indoor rooms, outdoor rooms can quickly become cluttered if there isn’t sufficient storage. If it’s not built-in from the beginning, adding it later can help –

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