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8 Ways To Get The Best From Your Landscape Maintenance Service

Are you getting everything you expect from your landscape maintenance service? You’ve made an investment in your landscaping that will grow in value if its care is planned, well-executed, and regularly monitored. Don’t miss the opportunity to work closely with your landscape maintenance professionals and gain the benefits of their wisdom and experience. Here are 8 ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your landscape maintenance service. #1. Make Communication A Habit Great landscape maintenance starts with great communication. After hiring a landscaping service, the next step should be meeting with their representative and creating a comprehensive pre-mowing

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Modern Screen Porches Are Popular Home Additions

No matter where you live in this world, your physical and mental well-being are improved when you have ready access to fresh air. Even in Minnesota, where the winters tend to be a bit harsher than in some other states, homeowners love the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living year-round. One of the most popular ways for integrating the outdoors with day-to-day living is with a modern screened porch. The screened porches of today go way beyond what they were in decades past. They have evolved from sleeping porches. You may not know the term, but before air conditioning screened porches

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Attractive Outdoor Storage That Works

  Landscape storage doesn’t have to be an unattractive mess. You can protect your belongings with secure storage that is custom-designed and crafted by experienced carpenters. Storage built into and under decks disappears when designed as part of the structure. Stand-alone architectural landscape structures are also complementary alternatives. Outdoor furniture, sporting equipment, and toys need the right storage so that they can be used and protected throughout all of the seasons. For cleanliness and care, they should not be combined with tools, lawn mowers, and other outdoor equipment that use fuels and oils and that come into contact with the

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Attractive Fence Alternatives For Outdoor Privacy

  Outdoor living spaces are more than an extension of the home. The physical and psychological benefits of an outdoor living lifestyle are well documented. Yet many families limit the time they spend in their own backyard because they lack enough privacy from neighbors and busy streets. Your lifestyle and personal priorities will determine the level and type of privacy that is important to you. Generally speaking, privacy is determined by what you want to see, hear, and feel while engaged in your desired outdoor activities. When choosing a property people almost immediately get a feeling when a space suits

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How To Prepare Your Wood Deck For Winter

  It’s time to prepare your wood deck for the winter to protect your investment and keep it safe for those times when you have to use it. These recommendations also apply to wood outdoor furniture and landscape elements such as wood arbors, pergolas, and fences. The age of your wooden structures will largely determine its current moisture content. As wood ages, it naturally dries out. This is part of the aging process. Going into winter it’s common for wood decks and other structures to be quite dry. That could change over the winter if they are not properly sealed.

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5 Great Shade Structures To Improve Your Yard

  Creating inviting, comfortable outdoor spaces that can provide a much-needed escape is a priority for many homeowners. Adding a covered outdoor living area maximizes opportunities for relaxing and entertaining by providing protection from both sun and rain. A shade structure can dramatically improve the appearance and function of any landscape. Of course, not all shade structures are equal. Umbrellas and awnings offer some protection from the elements, but nothing beats the convenience of a permanent structure designed specifically for your home and landscape. Built structures also provide a return on your investment when it comes time to sell. Many

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