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Planning a Small Garden Design with Principles

The same design principles apply to all gardens, whether large or small:   Unity, Simplicity, Variety, Accent, and Balance. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Planning a garden is one of the most creative home projects we each can undertake. Your landscape should reflect your dreams, your likes and dislikes, as well as your notion of what your yard or garden should be. Our talented professional MN landscape designers can help you design your space with the ideas you have in mind. We can help you search through the numerous stone, brick, and natural stone selections available in the Twin Cities area to

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A Quiet Corner: Outdoor Living Spaces

There was a time in many parts of America, where using the outdoors for the dual purposes of dining and entertaining just wasn’t done. In rural America many people working on farms often stopped for a mid day “dinner” under the shade of the trees. But it was more for gaining the sustenance needed for the rest of the day’s work, not entertainment. You worked outdoors and you rested and lived indoors. Now the garden can mean more than a vegetable or flower garden. It is a place or space to spend time on patios, pools, and decks, too. Now

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Blending A Child’s Outdoor Room with Space for Adults: Swings, Play Gyms, and Sandbox

Installing a play gym or a swing set in your backyard doesn’t mean they have to become the most dominant objects in the yard. Our MN landscape designers and architects can work with you to create a child’s outdoor room that blends into your landscape as opposed to overtaking it. We can help create outside space that blends children space and adult space. Even small yards can handle a designated children’s outdoor space of at least 6” by 8”. Corners make a good space where fencing can make children feel there is a “no parent” allowed space. Looking to safety,

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