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The Difference Between Natural Rock And Manufactured Stone

If you have been in a home improvement store or hardware store you may have seen cases of perfectly formed manufactured stone available on demand. The product has become increasingly popular and available in many different styles and colors. While there are some advantages to manufactured stone, there are also some major differences that may make you want to choose natural instead. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your stone choices. Manufactured Is Lighter And Can Sometimes Save Money In some instances, the weight of real stone may be undesirable. For example manufactured stone is often used

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Choosing Plants: How A Designer Sees Plants

The last step in landscape planning is choosing the plants. Choosing plants correctly is key to a great landscape. Think of the types of plants you need based on function. Maybe you need a tree to anchor a border, a vine to climb a fence, and a ground cover for a slope where grass doesn’t grow. Planting the right combination of plants in the right place is complex. A common problem with planting is when the wrong type of plant is picked for the wrong function so it underperforms. Another common problem is not considering what the mature size of

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Building an Outdoor Office on Your Deck or Patio; A Spring, Summer, Fall Office

Have you ever been working inside and thought about how great it would be to do your work outdoors? Do you have a space that just calls to you to come outside when you should be working inside? Why not build an outdoor office on a deck or a patio? Set up your office headquarters on a deck or patio outside. We can help you bring your work outside by installing a deck or patio for the foundation of your office. Topping the office with a 4” by 10” feet pergola or arbor overhead can provide partial shade and give

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Garden Floors: Stone, Wood, Concrete…What to Pick?

There is an ever-increasing choice of materials available for use on garden floor surfaces. Those surfaces include decks, driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks, fireplaces, and retaining walls to name a few garden features. You can add texture and color to the fabric of your garden by selecting the right materials.  ut, all of these choices can make it complicated. Knowing their applications and how they look, and work best individually, or together in our climate is something that we can do to help you. At Architectural Landscape Design our experienced landscape designers can help you with your choice. We know what

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Fire Pit Next To The Pool In Minnesota

Make sure you talk with an experienced landscaper who knows how to consider all the options. With Minneapolis’ Architectural Landscape Design you will be getting years of design installation experience, as well as the educated knowledge of licensed horticulturalists.

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