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Why Landscapes Love Fire and Water

The mountain lake scene in the film Forrest Gump, set in Glacier National Park, is a breathtaking moment that Forrest vividly recalls for Jennie. The majestic reflection of the towering mountain against the blazing orange sunrise is just one of many magical qualities that water can bring to a landscape. Just like drops of rain or dew on leaves and petals, water amplifies and accentuates what we appreciate about nature. In addition to its calming effect, water can introduce sounds and rhythms that energize and delight the senses. Of course, the right landscape lighting extends the enjoyment of water into

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The Difference Between Natural Rock And Manufactured Stone

If you have been in a home improvement store or hardware store you may have seen cases of perfectly formed manufactured stone available on demand. The product has become increasingly popular and available in many different styles and colors. While there are some advantages to manufactured stone, there are also some major differences that may make you want to choose natural instead. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your stone choices. Manufactured Is Lighter And Can Sometimes Save Money In some instances, the weight of real stone may be undesirable. For example manufactured stone is often used

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A Quiet Corner: Outdoor Living Spaces

There was a time in many parts of America, where using the outdoors for the dual purposes of dining and entertaining just wasn’t done. In rural America many people working on farms often stopped for a mid day “dinner” under the shade of the trees. But it was more for gaining the sustenance needed for the rest of the day’s work, not entertainment. You worked outdoors and you rested and lived indoors. Now the garden can mean more than a vegetable or flower garden. It is a place or space to spend time on patios, pools, and decks, too. Now

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The Best Laid Plans; Why Work With A Design Landscaper in Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer?

Why would you want to work with a landscaper in designing your yard in any of the four seasons? Your yard offers different views in all seasons that help in the planning process and much of the physical part of landscaping can be done in from spring through late fall. In developing a landscape plan at Architectural Landscape Design our designers and architects begin with a carefully thought out plan based on your needs and wants that includes a step-by-step process. Well review it’s: Boundaries-We’ll establish the boundaries of your property with you. Looking at boundaries we determine whether we

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Fire Pit Next To The Pool In Minnesota

Make sure you talk with an experienced landscaper who knows how to consider all the options. With Minneapolis’ Architectural Landscape Design you will be getting years of design installation experience, as well as the educated knowledge of licensed horticulturalists.

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Free Admission: Apple Valley Chamber Home &Garden Expo ~March 31, 9 am-3 pm

Come and talk to us about your landscaping dreams at the Apple Valley Home & Garden Show! It’s easy to attend because there is FREE parking and admission. In addition, there are things for children to do as they are featuring Minnesota Zoo animals and free children’s arts and crafts. ALD is a featured landscape design exhibitor at the show that covers the latest in home, garden, landscaping, remodeling and much more! It’s a great time to plan any landscaping or garden project you have in mind. We are a multi-speciality landscape company. Our licensed and educated landscape designers and

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