Successful Flowering House Plants

Indoor plants are a way to bring the outside inside, which is especially welcome in the winer.  House plants typically take much less care than outdoor plants. Most indoor plants are foliage only, but there are other plants that offer flowers. The most popular and well-known house plant is the African violet. Other flowering plants to consider in addition to African violets include gloxinias, Cupid’s bowers, and primroses.  These plants grow best in low levels of light and the right amount of moisture, preferring humid spots. They are in the plant family called gesneriads. They originated in tropical climates. Growing these plants successfully depends on having the right amount of moisture and lighting.

These indoor plants are popular because they require little space and grow in fairly easy-to-control conditions. They are moderate in size and will easily fit on a windowsill or a tabletop. They bloom consistently with very short dormant periods. The easiest is the African violet. They offer constant blooms in white, pink, purple, blue, violet, and striped flowers.  African violets grow best in a pot that is too small rather than one too large. The smaller pots do well in limiting one of the concerns with African violets, which is overwatering.

Low light?  Gloxinias do better with less light than African violets.  The gloxinia offers single and double flowers in differing shades of blue, red, and white. Gloxinias have a dormant period before blooming again. It seems so long that it is often thought that they are dead.  Once your gloxinia has stopped blooming, it’s not dead; it’s just entering its dormant phase before it will bloom again.  Many flowering plants are like this.

For indoor blooming plants, a tray filled with rocks and water can add humidity. Indoor plants offer continuous blooms year round, even when the snow covers your outdoor gardens.

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