Stones Can Make a Yard Really Rock

Crushed limestone creating a bed for pavers.  River rock cascading through dry creek beds.  Granite or blue trap rock covering your driveway.  Sparkling white marble or quartz filling a rock garden.  Beach pebbles bordering a pond.  The uses for natural rock and stone to accent a yard are almost endless.  Stones and small rocks give you the ability to add natural color as well as texture to your landscape.  Replacing some of your lawn with natural rock can cut down on your yard watering and maintenance chores, and it’s a great way to define a special area of your landscape you’d like to accent.

Crushed rock and pebbles often produce a much more rustic and natural look than concrete or pavers.  But glistening white stones such as granite or quartz filling flower beds can provide a distinctive and elegant look to your landscape.

For some inspiration, take a look at this PHOTO GALLERY of landscape rock choices.  Although there are many more options, these are some of the more distinctive ones.  As you can see, there is more to be had than you might find at your local home improvement store.

Which rock is right for your landscape?  A  landscape designer is probably your best source of advice.  Get inspired, but get a professional opinion before you have that rock delivered.  Once it’s laid down you want to be sure that the results are what you were aiming for.