Steps Needed for a Lusher Lawn

Having a beautiful lawn can be an accomplishment. However, when the grass starts to brown and it is looking as dull as ever, you need to consider the many ways to perk it up. You want to ensure that your lawn is bright green, lush and is something that people notice when they walk or drive by.  They may wonder how they can get their lawns to look just as good as yours, but you will not tell them your secrets, will you?

Here are the steps that you can take to ensure that you have a lush lawn, and if you are having trouble with it, no worries, ask us here at Architectural Landscape Design, the professionals when it comes to MN landscape design and maintenance.  We want to help you make your yard look its best.

  • Make sure to test the soil that the grass is in. You want a good pH balance as well as making sure there are enough nutrients and water getting to the grass.
  • Choose a slow release, organic fertilizer to place around the lawn. This can boost the growing process and give your lawn a little pick-me-up when it is needed.
  • Have a good calcium ratio. Usually this is 7 to 1, so if you are too high or low, consider adding or removing some of the calcium that you find. With a calcium level that is too high, you will have to worry about it robbing the nutrients from the soil so the grass is not getting enough.
  • Some nice compost can help it out. During the spring, the grass has gone through a lot because of the harsh winter. Nourish, feed and protect it with organic compost. You can make your own or speak with a professional on what you can use.
  • Do not let herb grass grow around your yard. You want to make sure you stop this before it even starts. When you notice it beginning, consider adding a herbicide or corn gluten to the grass so it doesn’t ruin the rest of the lawn. Pull up the weeds when you’re out and about getting rid of the crabgrass.
  • Make sure your lawn mower is in good shape. Ensure that it is chopping the blades of grass flawlessly. It’s a good idea to get the blades sharpened regularly. With this in mind, you do not want to be pushing it down or tearing it up. With a nice even cut, you are able to remove the problem and not start another one.   And don’t cut it too short, especially in dry periods; it’s better to leave it a little longer so that it will retain soil moisture.


If you are ready to get started and you want a lush lawn, then start with these tips. If you find that you do not have a lot of time or have no idea what you are doing, but still want a nice-looking yard, then contact us. At Architectural Landscape Design, we are professional MN landscapers that know how to take care of your lawn and having it looking its best in no time.  And we’ve also got some great low-maintenance landscaping ideas that can cut down on your lawn care chores if keeping up that picture-perfect grass is more than you’re able to handle.  Call us for a free consultation – 952.292.7717.