Stay In The Swing Of Things: Add A Synthetic Backyard Putting Green

A private putting green is one of the landscape features people are adding to their landscapes. It can be a great place to practice your putting. You can also use it to teach your children or grandchildren how to put. And it can be used for entertaining…you can have putting parties or putting matches with friends and family.

If you’d like to practice 20 foot putts you’ll need at least 25 feet to create your putting green. It can be smaller based on what is the desired length of putt you’d like to practice. There isn’t any need to worry about maintaining putting standard green grass since synthetic turf works very well. Plus it always is green and looks great from afar.

We’ll level the area for the putting green and put in the necessary drain lines so there isn’t any standing water. Our landscape designers and architects can prepare the plan, the site, and do the installation of the turf and cups. . They can also create a landscape plan that can turn your backyard putting green into a major focal point. If you are entertaining you can take the flag(s) down and enjoy the beauty of a golf course green in your own backyard.

A retaining wall on the higher side of the green will protect it by keeping dirt and other material from washing down on the green. We’ll design an asymmetrical space and design plantings around the green so it becomes a beautiful garden of shrubbery, grasses, and flowers.

An added benefit is that by installing a personal putting green you are eliminating turf in your yard and lowering your yard maintenance. That means more time to golf!

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