Start at the Beginning to Get the Landscape You Want

A good start to creating a good landscape plan that works for you is to take a critical look at what you have now. Does it all go together, not only in how it looks, but also how it functions? Sometimes you can make a couple of minor adjustments to make things work better. But, other times you need much more than that. Our Minneapolis Landscape designers can help you to make those adjustments, or we can develop a custom landscape plan that we will design and build with you. We can help you take an inventory of some of the basics…

How does your front yard look to you? Is your entrance a wide and straight, or curving entry path that makes the front door the focal point of the front yard?

Have you created an inviting climate? Are there large deciduous shade trees, like maples that offer shelter from the summer sun and allow winter light to pass through? Do you have some focal-point trees that draw the eye to them through all the seasons?

Are there areas for recreation? The definition of recreation depends on what you and/or your family and friends like to do. Maybe you want patios for sitting and reading or outdoor kitchen space for entertaining.

Do you have your own private sanctuary? Perhaps a side yard patio with a small fountain concealed from the rest of the yard?


Do you have some year around screening that offers privacy either through hedges, fences or plantings for the back garden? Or do you need more of a boundary?


Maximize your enjoyment in your home and landscape by reviewing your landscaping plans with us. Call Architectural Landscape Design Minneapolis 952-292-7717.