Spruce Up Your Yard by Introducing a Vanishing Pond

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Are you looking for that extra way to spruce up your yard? Maybe you have the perfect garden design with all the plants, flowers, and trees you wanted, but it’s still missing something. It isn’t the retreat you envisioned. Waterscaping with a vanishing pond may be just the solution to your dilemma.

What Is a Vanishing Pond?

A vanishing pond is also referred to as a pondless waterfall or cascading waterfall. The vanishing pond is part of a waterfall system, but differs from a traditional waterfall and holding pond.

A waterfall with a vanishing pond recirculates without using a traditional pond. The waterfall cascades over rock formations, spills into a small basin and circulates through an underground system. When the waterfall pump is turned off, the pond vanishes and is left dry. The water remains underground until the waterfall system is turned on once again.

A vanishing pond is an excellent feature for any yard and spruces up any landscape design. It also doesn’t require a lot of space, making it a good fit for any size yard. However, a stream can be added if you’d like a larger vanishing pond. The vanishing pond can incorporate custom lighting and rock work, allowing it to be customized to your preferences. A vanishing pond is just as versatile and customizable as a traditional waterfall system.

Why Vanishing Ponds?

A traditional waterfall typically circulates water through a pond or basin at varying depths. When the waterfall pump is turned off, the water remains stored in the pond. The standing pond water is exposed to sunlight and encourages algae and weed growth. It can also serve as a breeding ground for pesky mosquitos. That doesn’t sound very tranquil, does it?

A vanishing pond is preferable because it removes much of the maintenance. With the water eliminated from the pond and stored underground, algae growth is prevented. The absence of standing water means that the growth of weeds and mosquitos are also prevented. A vanishing pond makes it possible to enjoy the whole experience of a water feature without the hassles and maintenance.

Vanishing ponds allow you to enjoy the tranquil sights and sounds of a waterfall without the risks of having a standing water pond. It’s perfect for homes with small yards, or for homeowners that have safety concerns with traditional ponds. A vanishing pond takes away the risk of animals or small children falling or getting into a pond.

Vanishing ponds are also much shallower than traditional ponds, which can be an attractive option for yards with hard ground or an otherwise unfavorable location. There is no need to worry about digging to a depth that disrupts plumbing or other underground components.

Vanishing Pond Maintenance

All water features require some form of maintenance, but the maintenance required of a vanishing pond is very little. As with any water feature using a pump system, debris can build up and clog the reservoir. Debris must be routinely removed to prevent clogs or damage to the pump system. Due to evaporation, a vanishing pond must have its reservoir regularly replenished to prevent the pump from running dry.

A pond additive can be added to the vanishing pond system to reduce sludge buildup. This can help introduce beneficial bacteria to the reservoir that penetrates the crevasses and keeps away slimy debris. Reducing sliminess extends the longevity of the pump system and components.

It is important for a vanishing pond and waterfall system to be installed by a professional using premium materials and a design that makes the pump components accessible for servicing. Many DIY pondless waterfall kits mean higher maintenance and shorter lifespan due to inferior materials and poor designs that make the pump components inaccessible beneath the waterfall.

A vanishing pond may not be a good fit for everyone, but it is a great water feature for those who aren’t quite ready for the maintenance of a traditional pond. You don’t have to have a deep pond or fish to add an enjoyable waterscape to your yard. If you’re looking to complete your backyard oasis with the sights and sounds of a waterfall and as little maintenance as possible, a vanishing pond is a great solution for you.